Not a book related post…

But today is my birthday and I got a shiny new camera – my old one broke this summer after six years, so I asked for a hybrid camera. I got a Samsung NX1000, and I love it already. I have spent the entire day taking photos of everything… especially my cats. After lunch I went out for a walk, but the sun had gone in a bit by that point – before then it was beautiful and sunny. I just wanted to share a few shots!
Luna is rather camera shy…
… whereas Bea really isn’t.
My delicious birthday cake made by my mum and sister.
I love living in the countryside.

12 thoughts on “Not a book related post…”

    1. Thanks Vicky! Haven’t really done much since most of my family have been working all day, but now it’s time to laze around together with some birthday cake 😉

  1. Your cats are so cute!! I also love their names, Luna and Bea are both such good cat names. Anyway, glad you’re having a great birthday. Love that last picture. I love living in the country, too, and have always wanted to visit the British countryside (to an American it seems to have this real “Old World” charm which otherwise beautiful North Carolina doesn’t quite have, ha ha.)

    1. Luna is naturally named after Luna Lovegood ;)It’s so lovely and peaceful. Funny thing is, I would also love to visit the countryside in various American states =)

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