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Feature: Why You Should Read This Book #6 – The Knife Of Never Letting Go

Five Reasons Why You Should Read The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) by Patrick Ness

1. It is one of those series that completely grips you, that makes you so attached to the characters that you can’t bear anything to happen to them.

2. It is fantastically written. I also love the use of various fonts to show different types of Noise.

3. You can’t help but love Todd and Viola, and Manchee. The characters are so real, complete with their flaws.

4. Patrick Ness has a way of completely shocking the reader. And he will manage it multiple times.

5. This series deserves more recognition. It is a fantastic light sci-fi series, that not enough people have read. If something like Twilight has achieved international success, a multi-film franchise etc, then why has something of this quality still not achieved that same status?

4 thoughts on “Feature: Why You Should Read This Book #6 – The Knife Of Never Letting Go”

  1. What an awesome feature! I’ve heard about The Knife of Never Letting go before, and it really caught my interest. Your 5 reasons to read it have made me add this to my TBR pile (which is waaaay too big already!. And I agree with your 5th reason – why is it that books like Twilight get so much recognition, and some of the greats go by unnoticed?Thanks for sharing this post with us, Rinn. 🙂

    1. Aww, I’m so glad, Jessica, it definitely deserves some more recognition! I hope you enjoy it – let me know when you read it, and what you think =)Thank you for commenting!

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