Reading Soundtracks

I am the sort of person who hates silence. I need music on, constantly. I have to take my iPod everywhere, I even use it for the five minute walk to work. However, some music can be particularly distracting whilst reading, so I prefer to listen to instrumental pieces – specifically, soundtracks. Here are some of my top ones!

Just a small selection! I think that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my favourite of the Harry Potters, because I absolutely love the song ‘Harry and Hermione’, plus the Umbridge inspired ones are fun. The Mass Effect 3 soundtrack is known as the one that makes me sob like a baby. Especially this song – the one that you get with your love interest (Garrus!)

I just have so much love for film and game soundtracks. Imagine how different our experiences would be without them. It would be so much harder to build up the right atmosphere, make your viewers/players feel excited, scared, sad. To me, they are perfect to read books to, and you can even match the genres! Something creepy? Prometheus. Something a bit wacky, and exciting? Doctor Who. Something epic? Lord of the Rings.

Now for my readers! What do you read along to, if anything?


3 thoughts on “Reading Soundtracks”

  1. I don’t listen to anything when I read, but I am like you in that I pretty much have my headphones on at all other times! I have a couple of these soundtracks (especially love the Doctor Who one of course!) but now you’ve made me interested in checking out the others! It’s nice to have a cool soundtrack to walk along to and pretend you are having some epic adventure. 😀

    1. Oh, definitely check out the Mass Effect 3 song I mentioned – it’s a beautiful piano piece, very haunting.I haven’t updated in so long, I feel awful, but I just haven’t read much lately >.<Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hello RinnThe soundtrack to Halo: Legends is very good – it is mainly minimalist orchestral and/or stripped-down versions of many of the pieces from the soundtracks to the first two Halo games. Lots of very moving stuff on this one too.Tim (one of your Goodreads friends)

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