Thoughts #2: Favourite Book Covers


These are the covers that I could just stare at for hours, the kind that instantly draw me to a book – sometimes it is the reason I read the book in the first place. I definitely do judge a book by its cover…

One of the things I am always looking out for in bookshops (even if I don’t intend to buy them) is pretty versions of Homer’s The Iliad or The Odyssey. The new Penguin Classics hardbacks are beautiful, and I absolutely love the colour of this one:

Here are just some of the beautiful clothbound editions you can buy:

The cover of The Snow Child, by Eoywn Ivey, is also gorgeous. It mirrors the storybook within the book itself, and the print effect looks fantastic.

What covers do you really love? Do you judge a book by its cover?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts #2: Favourite Book Covers”

  1. I adore the clothbound covers they are so pretty! I quite like getting books in the same style if possible as the spines then look nice on the shelf (a little OCD perhaps!) like the Pern series is sitting with clean white spines on my shelves. I find that beautifully illustrated SF or Fantasy covers I can stare at for hours!! The hard back of JRR Tolkien’s Tales from the Perilous Realms has a lovely cover 🙂

    1. I’m the same… it makes me sad that my Southern Vampire Mysteries collection has three different cover types! Not to mention all my Tolkien books are completely different editions… haha!

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