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A massive apology!

I am so, so sorry for being rubbish at updating my website over the past few months! Firstly, I haven’t been reading as much (trying to change that – I’m still reading a lot but nothing like I was), and secondly I just haven’t felt much like writing reviews. Which is a really bad excuse, but I don’t want to take the fun out of reading by forcing myself to write a review. Of course, none of this has stopped me from buying more books recently. And running out of space to put them, so having to find creative ways to store them:
On the fireplace behind my bed…
I’ve mentioned many times that nowadays I only really buy my books second-hand, unless it’s something I really want. I’ve also started hunting for older versions of classics, particularly pretty ones. The three lovely hardbacks in the left of that picture are two volumes of Shakespeare (the comedies and the histories), and a collection of Keats’ poetry. I wanted to read the poems ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Endymion’ after reading the Hyperion Cantos (just got the last book to go), which partially inspired the series.
I found out last month that I got a place on the Masters course I applied for – my dream course! I will be going to university in the Netherlands, which is so exciting! It starts next year, so until then I’m working and saving up. Which means I’ve got to try and read as many of my physical copies as possible, as I’ll only have the Kindle there with me – challenge accepted.
My aim from now on (amongst many other things, one of which is to study Dutch more frequently… ik probeer Nederlands te leren) is to get back to keeping this site updated regularly, as it was before. I have a couple of promos and things lined up to start with, and then the reviews should start again – right now I’m reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, which is pretty hefty and I don’t think I’ll be reviewing it. 

Thank you especially to everyone who is still following me, even though I’ve been completely rubbish!

8 thoughts on “A massive apology!”

  1. Hey, book-blogging is about having fun, after all–if you’re in a phase where blogging takes the joy out of reading, I don’t blame you for taking a break. O_OCongratulations on your masters program in the Netherlands!! That sounds like it will be a really cool experience!

    1. Exactly, I just feel a bit guilty for abandoning the site though! I need to at least do more features, if I’m not going to do reviews, I reckon =)Thank you, and thank you for commenting also! =D

  2. I know from experience that your blog is like a baby you don’t wanna hand over to anyone but it would help of you got a co-blogger. There are many people looking for those in Goodreads and you don’t have to completely relinquish your control on your blog, you could just add them as Authors rather than admin. That way when you are away and can’t post then your co-blogger will help you out. It also increase the variety of your blog posts.Hope that helps Beth.Oh and congratulations for getting the masters program, in about three years I hope to do the same perhaps in Canda.

    1. That is a good idea, but I think I’d rather keep it just mine – would probably involve a name change etc otherwise! Thanks for the suggestion though =)

    1. Thanks – it does sometimes, if I haven’t reviewed in a while I feel like I should review the next book I read, which isn’t always ‘review material’ =/

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