Thoughts #4: My Favourite Places To Read


I feel incredibly lucky when it comes to where I live. My county is one of the ones that inspired Tolkien when creating the Shire, and it’s beautiful and green. To top that off, I especially love the area where I live. Most people in my town aren’t even aware that we have a lake – but we do, and I live right next to it. It’s only really visible to the houses surrounding it, and it’s so peaceful and serene. So mostly, I love to do my reading outside, and the weather is perfect right now. Here are my favourite reading spots!

Lounging on the balcony

We have a little balcony overlooking the lake, and it gets the sun in the mornings. I can sit here for hours and read!

Sat on the patio

I also like studying out here (I am teaching myself Dutch), as I have more room to spread my books and notes out. I can often get at least some shade here – I melt in direct sunlight…

Lying on the grass

When the weather is really nice – like now, the UK is going through a heatwave! – I love to get a picnic blanket, grab some books, drinks, sometimes a few snacks and settle down on the grass for hours and hours.

Lazing in bed

For when the weather is being it’s usual British, rainy self, there’s always my super cosy bed!

I’m definitely a homebody, as you can tell. I like reading on the bus – I can generally stay super focused for the duration of the journey. I’m not really the type to go out for a coffee and then sit and read in the cafe. I like to be able to get really comfy, spread out and laze around, and I just don’t feel comfy enough in public for that!

Where are your favourite reading spots?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts #4: My Favourite Places To Read”

  1. My favourite reading spaces vary depending on time of day/temperature, mood I’m in etc 😛 I think what tends to happen is I’ll start reading somewhere and then move if its not perfect. I do read outside, but sometimes I’ll get too distracted by either the scenery or the flying, biting bugs!

  2. Jealous! It’s so beautiful in your area, I would definitely read more outside if I had those views! I mostly read indoors in my room cause the weather is usually too sunny and hot to read outside anyways. Love this post!

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