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Weekly Roundup #27


My ‘Weekly Roundup’ is where I share the books I have received in the past week, whether bought, gifted, borrowed etc.


  • A Song of Stone by Iain Banks – set in an unnamed European country, this one sounds pretty interesting. It is about a lord and lady who are trapped in their own castle by a band of outlaws and has some rather mixed reviews on Goodreads. It sounds quite dark, and I’m interested to see what I’ll think of it, as I didn’t particularly enjoy The Wasp Factory. A 50p charity shop find.
  • Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds – more science fiction! I may end up reading and reviewing this one for Sci-Fi Month, but I will definitely be reviewing at least one other of Reynolds’ works. I absolutely loved House of Suns, and hope this one lives up to that.

From the library

  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – because I need to read more Gaiman. I think all that I have read so far is Coraline (but I have my sights set on American Gods).
  • Graceling by Kristin Cashore – about time! I ordered this from the library a while ago and it took ages to get here. I’m so excited for this one, I’ve heard such good things. I actually own Bitterblue (brand new hardcover, found in it the charity shop for 50p!), so I thought I better read the first two books first…

And now to show you the amazing parcel that Hodderscape sent me, as prizes for Sci-fi Month giveaways…
A signed copy of Red Moon by Benjamin Percy, Terminus by Adam Baker, an uncorrected proof copy of She Who Waits by Daniel Polansky (which isn’t even on Goodreads yet!) and Under the Dome by Stephen King, as well as lots of bookmarks!
You’ll have to wait until November for details on how to win these, but until then you can learn more about Sci-fi Month here.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup #27”

  1. The only Gaiman I’ve read is Stardust. I really should read some of the others…And Graceling! It was quite an enjoyable read :)EEE! So excited for Sci-fi Month 😀

    1. I think I’m just totally in the right mood for Graceling, since I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins non stop for the past few days, so I’m in the fantasy mindset.And I know! Every time someone else joins I’m amazed, haha! I was hoping, but not expecting, for responses like this =)

  2. I haven’t heard of the other books you got – well, besides the Nail Gaiman one, but I haven’t really read anything by him – but GRACELING IS AWESOME AND AWESOME AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. I’d actually suggest reading Fire before Graceling and then reading Bitterblue and Graceling back to back just because of the similar character cast. Woo!! I hope you enjoy all your reading 🙂

    1. I know, I finished Graceling last night and LOVED it! My review will be posted on Friday =)Oooh, that’s interesting – I did wonder whether I could read them out of order, as I own Bitterblue but not Fire, and I’ve ordered Fire from the library… so it might take a while to arrive. So I guess I could read Bitterblue in the mean time, thanks for the heads up! =D

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