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Dragons & Jetpacks: BotM August 2013 Thoughts

The Night Circus

The August 2013 group book for my sci-fi and fantasy book group, Dragons & Jetpacks, was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The member ratings were between three and five stars, for an average group rating of 4.06 stars. Several members had actually already read the book, so conversation was a little quieter this time round.

Please bear in mind that the rest of the post will contain spoilers for The Night Circus.

My personal views:

  • It had a truly magical feeling due to Erin Morgenstern’s rather poetic descriptions.
  • The second person point of view interlude chapters (not something you see very often) really drew me in and made me feel involved, and gave a fantastic wider picture of the circus.
  • The romance was lovely – no insta-love, it wasn’t all lovey-dovey, Celia and Marco knew each other for years before anything happened and it took them both a while to realise their true feelings.
  • The timeline was a bit confusing and it skipped around too much.
  • I didn’t feel particularly for Celia and Marco by the end, I was more interested in Bailey and the twins. And the only death that made me really feel sad was Herr Thiessen’s.
My rating: five stars.

Group views:

  • Kirsty thinks it is perfect for a film adaptation and would make a beautiful film.
  • The switching of POVs worked really well.
  • Some members were a little unsatisfied with the ending scene.
  • Quite a few members were surprised at how much they enjoyed the book, especially after admitting that they probably would not have picked it up had it not been Book of the Month.
  • Wayland described it as one of the ‘most interesting versions of magic’ he had ever read.
  • Nic said it reminded him of Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell, and gave him some fond memories of walking through Glastonbury Festival at night!
  • I wasn’t the only one who found the jumping timeline a bit odd – Britt also agreed. However Nic thought it added to the intrigue of the overall story.
  • Freya became rather attached to the Circus and felt worried about what would become of it.
  • Helen felt that the ‘competition’ wasn’t tense enough, as it took place over several years, and that Marco and Celia were rather bland characters.
Group rating: average of 4.06 stars.

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