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Feature: Why You Should Read This Book #12 – The Name Of The Wind

Five Reasons Why You Should Read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

1. The book has just the right mix of the fantastical and the familiar to make it more accessible to many types of readers.

2. The university is amazing. You can’t go wrong with a magic school! It’s not just for magic, there are so many other things taught there that sound fascinating.

3. But the magic system is so different from anything you’ve ever read. It’s also not referred to as magic, but ‘sympathy’. The user has to work hard, mentally and physically to manage anything; it is demanding, unlike magic systems in many other books and series. More of a scientific take on the usual wands and broomsticks type of magic, often it requires some sort of sacrifice.

4. Fantastic and very well done world building, which is essential in this sort of epic fantasy novel.

5. There are so many mysteries in the book – who Kvothe really is, who Bast is and what he means to Kvothe, what the Chandrain are… and you just have to keep reading to find out. The excuse of ‘one more chapter’ doesn’t work well on this book: chapters are short so you’ll keep telling yourself that until you finish!

I read this book as part of my bookgroup in July 2013. I summarised our thoughts on the book in a post at the end of July, and it was very well received by the group!

Have you read The Name Of The Wind? What did you think?

9 thoughts on “Feature: Why You Should Read This Book #12 – The Name Of The Wind”

    1. You shooooooooooooooooooould! Although it’s high fantasy it’s not too heavy really. As Szever said, his writing flows wonderfully.

  1. I absolutely love The Name of the Wind!! One of my all-time favorites! But I had so many issues with the second book >< Really hoping for a better experience with book 3 because I'm still such a huge fan despite how much I wanted to burn the second book in the nearest available bonfire…Anyway, none of that changes how I feel about the first book! I agree with everything you mentioned above!

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