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Dragons & Jetpacks: Sci-Fi BotM September 2013 Thoughts

Ender's Game

The September 2013 sci-fi book for my sci-fi and fantasy book group Dragons & Jetpacks was Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The member ratings were between two and five stars, for an average group rating of 4.40 stars.

Please bear in mind that the rest of the post will contain spoilers for Ender’s Game.

My personal views:

  • I actually read this book last year, so I didn’t re-read it for the group but still shared my views. I loved the whole concept of the book, and the games that the military school kids had to play.
  • When I read it I had no idea about Scott Card’s bigoted views, but to be honest that hasn’t hampered my enjoyment of the book – I wouldn’t buy his work brand new however.
  • I liked how intelligent Ender’s siblings, and many of the children in this book, were. They’re more like mini adults than children.
  • The ending was good – anti-climatic in a way, yes, but a nice and surprising twist.
My rating: five stars.

Group views:

  • Jim said he liked how the children at the school had complementary talents, and also mentioned that he likes to separate an artist’s work from their personal beliefs (good way of saying it).
  • Jennifer has read all of the books in the series, including the ones that follow Bean, and has enjoyed all of them.
  • Mark was hooked for the entire duration of the story!
  • Greg says that the author did a great job of bringing the reader into Ender’s world, although he was less impressed with the later books.
  • Mary felt a little let down by the book – although she thought it was good, it was rather hyped up and the ending was anti-climatic. Nic agreed, although didn’t see the ending coming.
  • Abi was upset by the treatment of Ender, but sees this as a sign of good writing.
  • Helen says she recommends Ender’s Game to many a sci-fi newbie.
  • Adam says the ending actually made him sympathise with the aliens, not the protagonists.
Group rating: average of 4.4 stars.

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4 thoughts on “Dragons & Jetpacks: Sci-Fi BotM September 2013 Thoughts”

  1. I’ve had this book for ages, but haven’t read it! I guess I’m scared that I’ll end up not liking it, while everyone else does, because it doesn’t seem like the usual story I enjoy. Anyways, I’ll probably have to pick it up soon just to see what I think of it! Great post, glad you loved it! 🙂

  2. I think I’ve decided I feel the same way about Ender’s Game, it’s an amazing book so I will keep recommending it – but I won’t be buying anything else he’s written.

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