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Horror October: My Top Ten Horror Books

For this week’s Horror October post, I’m sharing my top ten horror books with my lovely readers! Have you read any of these?

1. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill – more eerie and creepy than outright horrifying, this is not something you want to read at night. I haven’t yet watched the film – it doesn’t look like it’s completely captured the spirit of the book to me. Susan Hill is a master of suspense.

2. The Shining by Stephen King – obviously. A tale of a man’s spiral into madness… or is it? This book is shocking, horrifying and downright scary, making it a perfect Halloween read. The film makes some big changes, so definitely give it a read even if you think you don’t need to after seeing the film!

3. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris – or rather, the whole series for this one. Not particularly plain ol’ horror, it’s about vampires, werewolves, fairies and other mystical creatures, but has a fair amount of horrific moments and gory shocks. I discussed the series a couple of months ago.

4. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson – this book isn’t just scary because of the vampires/zombies. It’s the effect that isolation has on Neville, and how his human instincts react to that isolation. (my review)

5. Incarnation by Emma Cornwall – a semi-retelling of Dracula told from the point of view of one of his victims, this is a wonderfully written book and one of my hidden gems from last year. (my review)

6. Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin – GRRM, a master of epic fantasy, has also written a pretty awesome vampire novel, set on the Mississippi. Typical of the author, it’s a very dark book.

7. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – this one seems to have such mixed reviews and ratings on Goodreads, but I personally loved it. It follows the story of a young woman chasing her family’s past and the evil that is connected.
8. The Passage by Justin Cronin – another vampire novel, but so, so well done, especially because, like with I Am Legend, the vampirism is a disease and the results are believable. Books like this are always much scarier when they could actually happen to you. I’m still hoping to read the sequel, The Twelve, which came out last year.
9. Carrie by Stephen King – another one from the master of horror, Carrie follows the story of a young high school girl who is relentlessly teased at school. One day it just gets too much…
10. Ring by Koji Suzuki – I never want to see the film of this one – the book was creepy enough. I’m sure you’re familiar with the story, the film was really big when it came out  seven or eight years ago (I think). If you watch a certain video tape, you get a phone call – and are killed seven days later by a mysterious force. Shame that the tape has become infamous with the local teenagers, who are casually passing it around…

This post is part of Horror October, hosted by Leanne at Literary Excursion.


14 thoughts on “Horror October: My Top Ten Horror Books”

  1. Haven’t read any of them except I Am Legend- which I agree is AWESOME. And the true meaning of “Legend” was so clever- much better done than in the movie.I have also read the Sookie Stackhouse book, but unfortunately I hated it. I think I just couldn’t get used to the writing style.The Ring movie actually wasn’t tooo bad. I mean, it was creepy, but I wouldn’t say it was scary. I watched in when I was in year 6 or 7, and I didn’t find it absolutely horrible haha. It was a bit gruesome though. And when it comes out in Aus, I’m going to go watch the Carrie movie! Mostly because it has Ansel Elgort in it 😉

    1. I think the book definitely has more a message than the film! Although I did enjoy the film too.That’s a shame! I love them, I’ve re-read them a lot but I guess they’re not for everyone.Oh really?? I think it was released when I was in year 7, so 2002? I’m not big on gruesome films so doesn’t sound like my type of thing…Augustus is going to be in Carrie? Who will he be? =0

    1. Yup, it was such a wonderful surprise! It’s a shame really, since the author used a pen name, and I can’t find out who it actually is, I can’t read any of their other work =(

  2. I haven’t read any of those – but I plan to rectify the Stephen King situation in the not too distant future, and I should definitely read The Woman in Black at some point soon!

  3. I love Carrie and I’m currently reading The Shining. The Woman in Black sounds pretty awesome, I should read that one soon! I never dared to watch The Ring, it just sounded too creepy.. I might be able to handle the book. Maybe.Great list!

    1. Yay for The Shining! I feel like I should have a month of re-reads or something soon, there’s so many books I feel like re-reading. Maybe I’ll make it a challenge…I generally find creepy books better to deal with because I can try and imagine the creepy stuff as not so creepy. But that also depends on the writing…

  4. EEP, so happy to see that THE SHINING is on your list! I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll be reading it as part of a buddy read thing with Nara (Looking for the Panacea), so I’m really excited. I’ve been waiting ALL my life for a book that will really scare me, and I hope that THE SHINING will deliver. As for the rest, I haven’t read them yet, but there are some I definitely want to check out in the future. I agree about Susan Hill — I recently finished one of her other novels, I’M THE KING OF THE CASTLE, and boy. Intense. Not super intense, but the emotions she’s able to convey with just the setting alone is amazing. On the whole, the story was dark and disturbing, and if you like her as an author, then maybe you should try this one out!

    1. It’s amaaaaaaaazing =D There’s one bit that really creeped me out that apparently they didn’t put in the film, so I’ll wait to see what you think of it!Ooh, I’ve actually only read The Woman in Black by her. There are some beautiful new editions of her books, not sure if they’re UK only but they’re one base colour matched with black and silver (hardbacks) and they look lovely. I’ll keep an eye out for that one, thanks =)

  5. Ooh Incarnation and Fevre Dream sound interesting. I’ve read The Historian and The Shining but really didn’t enjoy either :-/ I don’t have much luck with horror books!

    1. Aww that’s a shame. Definitely give those two a try if you want something different within the vampire genre though. I love love loved them!! 🙂

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