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Sci-Fi Month: Definitive Science Fiction Reads


Today I want to share a challenge with you all: my definitive list of science fiction reads! They are books I feel every sci-fi fan should read at least once in their lifetime, and as well as creating a challenge for myself I hope that it can be challenge for some of you too. Although I already have a Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Challenge, I wanted to create one that reflected all different types of science fiction, including Young Adult. So it will actually be a mix of books I’ve loved, books I really feel I should read because they’re considered classics, and some titles that might often be overlooked, as well as some books that I’ve heard a lot of good things about.
If you’d like to join in, feel free! I’ll be keeping track of my progress too, on a separate postDon’t forget to check out the schedule for the rest of today’s posts. You can also Tweet about the event using the hashtag #RRSciFiMonth.

‘Classic’ science fiction

Newer science fiction

Young Adult science fiction

What do you think of the challenge? Are you going to join in?


19 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month: Definitive Science Fiction Reads”

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!! Another reading challenge I’m finding it difficult to pass up!Let’s see, I’ve read 5 of your classics (and another 5 are already on my tbr). I’ve read ONE of your list of newer books (and 3 are already on my tbr). I’ve read 5 of your YA list, and another couple are on my list. That’s a LOT I still have to read, lol! Great post, Rinn! 😀

    1. Hehe, and I’ll have more to add next year… eep! I wanted to make a list that was more about what I wanted to read, rather than just sticking to the ‘classics’, and I thought why not make it a challenge for others to join if they wish?Thanks! =)

  2. I’ve read more of the older stuff than the newer! I need to fix that. For some reason Fantasy reads gets more of my time when it comes to YA. I’m glad you put Hitchhiker’s Guide in your list! And since it’s at the top you should read it right away. 😀

    1. I think there’s more YA fantasy out there to be honest. Haha – it looks like Dune will come first, it’s currently winning my book group poll for next month ;D

  3. Great list RinnLots of oldies that I remember fondly. Newer books, some of which I’ve read, some I’m interested in reading. And 1/2 the YA books I’m reading or finished. Good luck. Have you ever looked at Terry Pratchett’s Discworld? He’s fantasy, with a classic bent. I love to read his works.

  4. I’ve been searching for a good sci-fi list and this one looks pretty good and diverse! I may make some changes of my own to the list (less YA and more Russian sci-fi probably) so I’m not sure if it’s okay to be a part of this challenge still? But great list Rinn!

    1. Okay great 🙂 I’ve just finished my list and added the link as well. That was fun to go through (I made about ten changes I think) and can’t wait to read some more sci-fi 🙂

    1. I, Robot and the Foundation trilogy (LOVE me some Asimov), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Dune, I Am Legend, Ringworld, A Princess of Mars, Journey to the Center of the Earth. Outside of the last one, which I thought was okay but too long winded with too little happening, I would recommend them all. They each are different and have different things going for them but all are books I have or would re-read.

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