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A new home!


Thanks to Ashley at Creative Whim, I am now using self-hosted WordPress rather than Blogger! I’ve been wanting to transfer my blog over for ages, due to Blogger’s horrible, horrible editor and general rubbish-ness. So if the site looks a little funky over the next week or so, that’s why. I’ve also bought Ashley’s amazing Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin, which I’m integrating into the site. Pages might not work for a bit, links might send you the wrong way, posts may look a little odd, but I’m working on neatening everything up! My reviews will also be inaccessible until I add them to the main UBB database (so more and more will gradually appear each day!).

Once the posts are all sorted, I’ll be sorting the layout out properly. I’m sticking with these colours (and the space theme!) but it’ll be less plain. Here’s what I’ve got coming up this month on the blog:

  • normal weekly features will resume
  • an interview with Jordan Jacobs, author of the Samantha Sutton series (and an archaeologist!)
  • an interview with Jamie Baywood, a travel writer
  • several reviews including The Heavens Rise, Bellman and Black, The Bookstore, Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen, and a beautiful illustrated copy of The Hobbit
  • various discussions – I thought up plenty of ideas during Sci-Fi Month
  • and finally, a new feature!

So please just bear with me whilst I finish the transition, I’m so excited to finally be using WordPress! It’s insane how even this little post was a whole lot easier to write than anything on Blogger. I’m also using the move as a chance to do a little ‘spring cleaning’ and updating (perhaps a few months early!) And finally, another shout out to the awesome Ashley for transferring my blog, creating the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin and also the Tweak Me theme! To top it all off, she’s not only a talented designer, but also a fellow book blogger!

25 thoughts on “A new home!”

    1. Yay, thanks Mel =D There’s still a lot for me to fix but right now my main focus is sorting out the formatting of the posts… Blogger adds so much useless HTML, loads of empty paragraph and div codes, have you noticed? I have to correct basically every post – I’m thankful for the fact that I’ve had periods where I didn’t post for a while, or it would be so much worse!

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Rinn! 😀 I really hope you like it!

    And yes, Blogger adds SO MUCH useless HTML! As a developer, it’s disgusting to me. It literally makes me cringe. WordPress is a lot better with not adding in loads of extra/useless HTML, but even so, I actually use the HTML editor and put it all in myself because I like things to be clean!

    Anyway, I’m sure you and WordPress will get along just fine! I love what you’ve done with Tweak Me so far. 🙂

  2. I love it already, there’s SO MUCH I can do! I’m still getting used to things but I’m picking it up quite quickly I think.

    Haha, I know, so many of my posts look a right mess at the moment thanks to Blogger. I’ve had to delete a million empty div and span tags. I’ll probably just use the HTML editor for new posts from now on too =)

    Thank you, and thank you again for everything!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I love it already too 😉 Everything already looks so much more professional (although I have a lot of posts to neaten up still).

  3. Welcome to WP! Yay! Enjoy all the awesomeness, including UBBP 🙂 But just so you know, WP can be a bit quirky too. I’ve had issues with the Rafflecopter code disappearing (WP doesn’t like javascript). I’ve gotten around betw that by posting the code as the last thing just before scheduling if I plan to have a lot of edits between saving drafts. Enjoy your new home!

    1. Yep, everywhere where I’ve had Rafflecopter giveaways it has the link instead of the widget – which doesn’t matter now as they’re all over, but definitely something to remember for my next giveaway.

      InLinkz/Linky codes also show up empty. Odd!

      Thanks Julie =)

  4. Congratulations on the move Rinn! Everything looks great!

    I’m on WordPress already but I’m trying to psych myself up to brave moving to a self-hosted WordPress. Haven’t quite dared just yet though.

    Enjoy settling in 🙂

  5. Glad to hear the move went smoothly Rinn! Your new home looks great (love the layout)–have fun with WordPress 🙂 (been using WordPress for a number of years as well, I find it rather versatile on what you can do and how you can post).

    1. Thank you Lianne! There are so many more options, I’m loving using it so far =) I still have a lot of posts to go through and tidy up, but I’m slowly working my way through them… it’s the one time I lament Sci-Fi Month =P

    1. Of course not =P Personally I prefer this one, Blogger always looks messier to me, but I plan on adding a bit more to it when I have time – still tidying up my posts!

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