A Year in Books 2013


I started writing this post with the intention of going through the months, listing what had happened on the blog, but it felt so stale. Instead of a round up of events, posts etc, I just want to talk about 2013. So much has happened this month, that rounding it up feels a bit overwhelming! This will be short and sweet.

It has been such a brilliant year.

Thanks to so many of my wonderful blogger friends, Sci-Fi Month was an astounding success. Over half of my pageviews from the very beginning of my blog are thanks to the event, so I can’t even begin to imagine how many pageviews we pulled all together! I was so touched and pleased to see the enthusiasm for the event, and astounded by the responses – from both those taking part and our readers.

And thanks to Sci-Fi Month, I met so many new bloggers.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know them! Leanne, with her wonderful feature ideas; Kelley, with her brilliant discussions; Paola, with her love for Dragon Age (and fangirling!). Plus I now speak to bloggers that I knew previously more frequently, I’m better at commenting in general (apart from the past two weeks, I blame the holiday season!).

I celebrated my blogoversary this year.

Yep, my blog turned one in August! Next blogoversary I’ll be living in the Netherlands, just about to start my Masters course – so we’ll see how often I can blog then.

And here’s looking forward to another one!

Next year looks to be full of challenges – Kelley and I are holding Re-Read January, plus we have several challenges going on in the bookgroup!


What are you looking forward to next year?

19 thoughts on “A Year in Books 2013”

  1. Such a positive post! I’m glad you had such a good year – I was definitely very happy with The Sci-Fi Month as well. Next year I will be hoping to read even more than this year, and maybe be a bit more organised in my reading and reviewing activities 🙂

    1. Hehe =) Well I did notice several blogging slumps as I went through my archives, but I feel I’ve made up for them lately! I’m glad you enjoyed SFM.
      I’ve now decided to try and read the TBR Pile Challenge books leftover from this year at the beginning of next. I may be setting myself some rather difficult tasks: those books, plus re-reads, plus the X-Men vs Avengers challenge in my book group. Oh, and trying to read lots before I go off to uni in August. We shall see! 😉

    1. I will indeed! Ik leer Nederlands! =D

      I’m glad it seems positive, that was my intention =) Because my blog feels so different – in a good way – from how it did last year.

  2. Good luck with grad school. It can be a trial and not at all conducive to blogging. (For me at least, it was a time disaster, but your mileage may vary!)

    I’m happy to have met you this year! And through you, several other very cool people. Hope the new year is even better than the last.

    1. Thank you! I know it will definitely reduce the amount of time I can spend on my blog, but it may also make me better in regards to planning posts!
      And you too, I’m glad you found out about Sci-Fi Month =)

  3. Oh wow, you’re going to be going to the Netherlands! That’s really cool 😀
    I wish I could do some sort of exchange year somewhere in Europe or the US, but my course doesn’t allow it 😦
    And woah, did you have no one star ratings for the year? That’s pretty awesome!

    1. Yep, I am =) I decided that going elsewhere in Europe would be better, as fees here are getting ridiculous, and as a citizen of an EU country you pay the tuition fees of that specific country. If I’d chosen Denmark I wouldn’t have paid a thing, but the only archaeology course they offer that is taught in English is Maritime Archaeology, which sadly isn’t my thing.
      Nope, I didn’t! To be honest, I tend to DNF books that I would otherwise give 1-stars, and I don’t normally count them as read… Either that or it’s something I know is awful and I read it because of all the gossip surrounding it =P
      Did you have many 1-star books this year?

      1. I rate my DNF books one star (any book that I could at least get through I will give 2 stars 99% of the time, because I feel it shows that it was at least good enough for me not to throw it out the window or whatever haha)

        So I only had four 1 star books 🙂

      2. Haha! There’s only two books I’ve ever wanted to throw out of the window – The Scarlet Letter because it’s SO DULL and that Save the Pearls one which was basically a load of disgusting racist crap that should never have been published. It makes me shudder to think of that book and how the author thought she was doing something good…

  4. So happy that you had such a good year, and happy I came across your blog from crossover friends participating in your science fiction event. I hope to do so myself next year.

    For 2014 I’m looking forward to the third annual Spectrum Fantastic Art Live weekend in Kansas City (May 9-11, 2014), looking forward to celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, and of course am looking forward to the memorable adventures I will take through books, films and video games in the coming year. I hope to be able to look back over the year and see that for once I’ve reviewed every book I’ve read. That would actually be an accomplishment given that I end up putting together a ‘Best of’ post every year that includes books I was blown away by yet didn’t get around to discussing in a blog post.

    1. I’m glad you found the blog too, Carl, I enjoy reading your comments =) And of course, you are certainly welcome to join SFM next year.

      Ooh, what’s the art weekend? Spectrum Fantastic? Is that SFF inspired art or something?

      Good luck reviewing every book, that will be a lot of work and hopefully won’t put you off! =o I like to forget about reviewing every couple of books, or I feel like I’m reading for work and not pleasure.

      1. I’m pretty good at pegging books that might make it on to a year’s best list so at the very least I should make an effort to review those! 🙂

        Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is this:


        There are usually about 200 Science Fiction and Fantasy illustrators selling original and print works, doing panels and live demonstrations, etc. It is a wonderful, relaxed show celebrating art. It is also a great place for budding artists to get advice, show portfolio’s, etc., but at its heart it is just a great place for SFF geeks to get together and experience great art and conversation.

        I’m very evangelistic about it because a) its in my home town, and b) I am on the marketing committee this year.

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