My Bookish New Year Resolutions 2014

New year

I don’t normally bother making New Year’s resolutions because I generally don’t keep them – but I think I can keep some bookish ones! This year I aim to:

  • Read at least one book a week – my standard is normally two or three, but it’s been slipping lately and I hope I’ll be able to keep this up when I’m back at uni too.
  • Stop requesting a crazy amount of books from Netgalley and get my review ratio up to AT LEAST 50%. It’s currently sat at 21.3%, and that’s a vast improvement from a few months ago when it was 8%…
  • Finish my 2013 TBR Pile. These books have been waiting to be read for a while, so it would be nice to actually finish off this challenge!
  • Achieve my Re-read January goal, a challenge that Kelley and I are hosting together.
  • Also contribute as many points as possible towards the X-Men team for the Avengers Vs. X-Men Challenge, and make some progress towards the Dragons & Jetpacks Ultimate Booklist Challenge.
  • Make sure I actually schedule posts ahead of time, and post my regular features on the right days!
  • My overall goal for the year is 50 books.
  • Comment regularly on my friends’ blogs.
  • Finish tidying up the blog after the migration! I think I’ve got about 75 posts or so left to sort out. I’m hoping this will be done before the end of January.
  • It would be nice to not get completely distracted from reading by video games, as I have for these past few weeks… damn you, Steam sales.
  • And finally: carry on blogging and enjoying it!
  • Plus one non-bookish resolution: carry on learning Dutch for September.

What are your bookish (or non-bookish!) resolutions for 2014?


26 thoughts on “My Bookish New Year Resolutions 2014”

  1. I’ve got a few challenges set up for the new year, but one of my main resolutions is to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy! It’s been on my TBR list for too long and it’s quite frankly a travesty that I haven’t read it! hehe.

    I also want to make sure that I blog more regularly and in a more organised manner 🙂

    Your blog is looking great Rinn – good work 🙂

    1. YOU HAVEN’T READ IT????

      That really surprises me! Someone with your reading taste and the amount you’ve read! =o Get on it, Kirsty!

      Congrats on the domain name by the way =) I read your post earlier and meant to comment later on – so I’ll do that now!

      Thank you =)

  2. I love these resolutions! I recently had a goal to pick up my NetGalley approval rating before the end of 2013, and while it was tough, it was SO REWARDING, so I’m definitely cheering you on for that goal! When I started my approval rating was at 45%, and every time I saw the number I just cringed. It’s at 95% now–just one book that I got approved for recently–and it feels SO GOOD.

    1. 95%! Wow, that’s really impressive! Did you go crazy with requests when you first had access too, or did you show slightly more restraint? =P

  3. Great resolutions, I wish you success in them all! I didn’t post mine this year, just put my own list together for some structure. I’m wanting to read at least one anthology/short story collection per month, wanting to read at least 12 debut novels and 12 books from my own collection. I want to read 12 books published in 2014 and 12 classics…want to keep that balance between experience new and classic science fiction and fantasy works.

    Happy New Year, Rinn!

      1. I know one of the debuts I want to read is A Darkling Sea by James Cambias. It comes out this month from Tor and has a lot of authors I admire praising it. Not that that is a guarantee I’ll like it, but it adds to my interest level.

        I have several books by Andre Norton and a couple of Asimov’s and Heinlein juveniles I haven’t read that I want to get to for certain.

        For newly published works I plan on reading Wolves by Simon Ing, Lock In by John Scalzi, Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson.

        I’m just entering the world of the Liaden Universe stories with A Liaden Universe Constellation Vol. 1 and am enjoying that. Vol. 2 comes out next week so those will be two of my short story collections. I plan on reading at least one of my two Christmas gift Connie Willis collections. John Joseph Adams’ newly edited apocalyptic anthologies, two of which come out this year, look to be great fun as they are all original works. I want to read the 11 Doctors, 11 Stories collection of Doctor Who shorts that have stories by YA authors including Gaiman and Alex Scarrow, the two I’m most wanting to read.

        I see you are doing a re-read event and I’d like to try to work some re-reads in. May do that with some Harry Harrison during the month where Little Red Reviewer is hosting her Vintage Sci Fi event.

  4. Ah, that’s one thing that definitely intrigues me – a book loved by an author I love =)

    So are all the short story collections SFF based? Any horror ones? There’s a good one coming out soon, I spotted it on Edelweiss and have completely forgotten what it was called and who was publishing, I just know that it featured one by Charlaine Harris! I’ll have to check. Plus there’s the one about tough women with stories by people like George R.R. Martin. I’ve read Gaiman’s Doctor Who short, he captures the spirit of the show very well.

    Yes, that would be good! And I completely forgot to add Vintage Sci-Fi Month onto my list! I want to write something about H.G. Wells I think, and I was planning on re-reading War of the Worlds so I could kill two birds with one stone there…

  5. I will keep my same resolutions from last year myself, some of which I hit and some that I missed by a bit. At least 80 books/reviews, try to hold a 50/50 split on gender of author in books read, and try to find a few unknown fantasy books to keep the blog from becoming an echo chamber.

    And I thought my NetGalley ratio was bad. Difference is I don’t feel bad, request em all and let NetGalley sort em out is my philosophy.

    1. Ooh, that gender split is interesting. I do wonder how it works with authors I read – maybe I should take note this year?
      Which resolutions did you hit last year?

      Haha! It hasn’t actually hampered how often I get rejected for books. I rarely do to be honest, most of the time it’s because I didn’t read the region they were for and I’ve requested a US or Australian copy or something. And I sent off some feedback today and got my ratio up by a whole 1%! =o

  6. WOW your reading pile looks hefty! Anyway, good luck with any and all bloggy endeavors this 2014, especially with regards to keeping up the blog (because it’s amazing, duh XD) Oh, and good luck with your reread January challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun too 😀

  7. Oh god, you and me both on the Netgalley thing. I’m so terrible about getting excited and requesting EVERYTHING, only to have a trillion books waiting for me. I’ve been getting better about it, but I still have to catch up on all those books that past-crazy-me requested. Thankfully, I’ve found some gems.

    Ah, Steam. You too? If not for Skyrim, I’d have twenty more books read this year.


    1. Aaaaaand I totally requested a whole load more books yesterday… uh oh. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one who goes crazy ;D

      Haha, same! I reckon if I hadn’t spent so much time playing Lord of the Rings Online (I played pretty heavily from January – July or so, after a year’s break), I would have read so many more… How many hours have you racked up on Skyrim?

      1. Not by a long shot. My personal goal in November was to get my review ratio up. Still hanging around 25%, psh.

        Oh, I haven’t even gotten into the online stuff yet. I forced myself to limit to one or two procrastination games. Don’t have my Xbox on me, but I’d ballpark somewhere around 100. Maybe. Yikes. Of course, the Christmas Steam sales hit me hard….


      2. *cheers* Someone else with a ratio as bad as mine! Do you find it doesn’t actually seem to make a difference to requests though?

        What did you get in the Steam sale? I found some BRILLIANT games, like Saints Row 3 and 4 that I never really considered before (I’d heard of them but not really looked into them), and now I’m totally in love. I have 97% on SR3, aiming for 100%!

      3. Ha, I thought I was the only one. I haven’t had much of a problem with it, except my own guilt. It might hurt with the Big Six.

        I tried to stick to cheaper indie games; I like those. I got Gomo, Mechanarium, and The Killing Floor. I’m really looking for a good horror game before I spend a lot of money. Never played SR but I hear good things. 97%, damn! Impressive. I still have a long way to go on Skyrim. So many quests! Plus I just got GTA V, so that’ll be another distraction.


      4. Ooh, do you have FEZ? Nice little indie game, Bastion too. And Orcs Must Die! is a fun defence game, the 2nd is especially great for co-op =)

        I’m guessing if you like horror games and indie games, you’ve tried Amnesia? TERRIFYING.

      5. No, I haven’t! I’ll check them out. I’ve heard of Orcs before. It gets good reviews.

        Ha, you’re a psychic. I have tried it. I got stuck somewhere though and put it down in frustration, but I plan to return to it someday. That and to replay American McGee’s Alice.

      6. I haven’t played it, I just watched someone play it and that was scary enough – with the two of us, lights on and sound through speakers rather than headphones!

        I played Alice as a kid, which kind of worries me now that I look back at it! We had a demo disc from a computer magazine and that was one of the games on there.

    1. And Happy New Year to you too, Aloi! =) Chances are I’ll succeed this one too, if I read lots in the first half of the year – but I don’t really want to set one that’s too high, or I’ll feel pressured to read loads when I’m studying.
      Yes, exactly! =)

  8. I love your goals Rinn!

    Also, I’m SO glad to hear of someone who’s willing to admit to a NetGalley ratio similar to mine! Mine’s at 22.3% and I’ve no idea how I’ll get it up to the recommended 80. I requested so many when I first signed up, and I didn’t notice the archive dates so there were loads I never got to before they were gone! My goal this year is to work on improving it. Although I’ve set my goal at 80%, that’s more just to try and motivate myself, as it works out that I’d have to review nothing else all year in order to achieve that! I’ll be happy if I hit 50%.

    It’s so exciting that you’ll be doing your Masters in the Netherlands! Are you nervous?

    Good luck with all your goals for the year!

    1. I did the exact same thing! I kind of went crazy on Netgalley the other day though, and now it’s back down to 19.4%… ugh. I have been reviewing a lot more books from there recently though, as in November I had only reviewed about 6 of them, now it’s 20 something.

      I am nervous, but mostly just about getting out there. Not sure if it’ll be plane or ferry yet. And I’m also kind of bad at meeting new people so I’ll just throw myself into as many social things as possible I guess!

      Thanks Faith =)

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