Dragons and Jetpacks

Dragons & Jetpacks: Books of the Month February 2014


Dragons & Jetpacks is a science fiction and fantasy bookgroup, based on Goodreads. The group is open to all, all that is required is a Goodreads account. We read two books a month, one fantasy and one sci-fi – the second week of each month is when members make suggestions, and the third is used for voting.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie


On a remote, icy planet, the soldier known as Breq is drawing closer to completing her quest.

Breq is both more than she seems and less than she was. Years ago, she was the Justice of Toren–a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of corpse soldiers in the service of the Radch, the empire that conquered the galaxy.

An act of treachery has ripped it all away, leaving her with only one fragile human body. And only one purpose–to revenge herself on Anaander Mianaai, many-bodied, near-immortal Lord of the Radch.


The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson


A thousand years ago evil came to the land. A dark lord rules through the aristocratic families and ordinary folk labor as slaves in volcanic ash fields. A troublemaker arrives. A rumored revolt depends on an untrustworthy criminal and a young girl who must master Allomancy, metal magic.

11 thoughts on “Dragons & Jetpacks: Books of the Month February 2014”

  1. I’ve just bought Ancillary Justice – looking forward to giving it a read. I may well re-read The Final Empire – I absolutely LOVED the Mistborn series, and it could be a good excuse to read it again!

    1. I bought the Kindle version the other day, as it looked like it was going to win 😉 I haven’t read any Mistborn books, and I already have the first one so I’m glad it won!

  2. Good choices both. Sanderson isn’t my favorite but that first Mistborn book was pure entertainment. And your cover is way better than the US cover.

    I can’t say anything about Ancillary Justice that I haven’t already said. Still thinking about it a few months later.

    1. If the US cover is the brown one that’s on Goodreads, then I definitely agree! These editions are much nicer =)

      Oh? Is that good or bad?

  3. Ack! I wish I could read Mistborn with you, but I already committed to reading it in March with another Goodreads group. But I can certainly read Ancillary Justice. I’m almost done with Hyperion! I started a bit late, but I only have a few chapters left.

    1. You could start halfway through February, and read it slooooowly so you finish halfway through March ;D Haha!

      Ancillary Justice sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Let me know what you think of Hyperion, it’s one of my favourite books.

      1. Ha! That’s one way to handle Mistborn. =D

        So I finished Hyperion, and I really, really enjoyed it! Since the ending doesn’t have a solid resolution, though (even though I loved the whole Wizard of Oz, walking arm-in-arm concept), I’ll have to go get Fall of Hyperion to see what happens next.

      2. Ahhh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I need to hurry up and read the fourth book. The second book was not as good as the first or third in my opinion, so it will be interesting to see whether you agree or not =)

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