Museum of Literary Wonders

Museum of Literary Wonders #2

Museum of Literary Wonders

Hello, and welcome back to the Museum of Literary Wonders! Are you ready for the second part of the tour? Perhaps some of you have just joined us for the first time today, in that case let me explain. I am Rinn, the curator and your tour guide for today. The museum holds many wonderful objects from many different worlds and universes, preserved in this museum because of their importance – perhaps they hold a lot of meaning, perhaps they’re important plot points or maybe just because they’re pretty… For whatever reason, they have been carefully stored in the museum collection so that generation after generation can learn about them. Without further ado, let us go on!

Please do not touch the exhibits!

There have been many reports that these strange objects are in fact dragon’s eggs. Perhaps they were at one time, but now they’re petrified and will never hatch – good thing too, imagine the damage they could do. But no need to worry, that will never happen! They were found in a wide expanse of grassland known as the ‘Dothraki Sea’, and kindly donated by a bearded and behatted gentleman.


Please do not touch the exhibits!

This signet ring may not look very flashy or expensive, but it certainly has a lot of meaning. It supposedly belonged to the Scarlet Pimpernel, a mysterious and elusive (and demmed!) figure who rescued various members of the French nobility from the guillotine during the French Revolution. Every time he freed a family or person, he would leave a note, complete with a wax seal stamped by this very ring. Odd’s fish, what a brave man!


Please do not touch the exhibits!

This strange contraption is a Voight (or Voigt)-Kampff test. Supposedly it was used as an interrogation tool, to determine whether someone was human or android, as at the time the two were almost indistinguishable – apart from an androids lack of empathy. Therefore the interrogator would ask questions to design emotional responses. Fascinating!

Are there any questions? What exhibits would you like to see next?


12 thoughts on “Museum of Literary Wonders #2”

    1. Oh don’t worry, I don’t think they’ll ever hatch! That would be crazy and it’s totally impossible!

      Talking of Jurassic Park, we do have some artefacts from that, ahem, ‘event’ here…

  1. Voight-Kampff test, how cool! This would be a handy device in The Lunar Chronicles. You never know when it comes to those eggs. I’ve seen with my own eyes that you can never trust this bearded man 😉

    1. Oh it certainly would! In fact we do have an object belonging to a Lihn Cinder here I believe…

      You’ve met him before? And here I was thinking that he was a very secretive and perhaps crafty man!

  2. I missed seeing this feature before! I love the idea and how it makes these items seem real (I mean they are real…) I was so excited to see the Pimpernel ring – I want one so much it’s ridiculous. Especially the one from the Anthony Andrews version – why can’t someone just make it!

    1. Thank you, it’s fun deciding what to add =D I need to do another of these soon, it’s been over a month now!

      There MUST be replica rings? Such a good film…

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