Review: Doctor Who – The Death Pit (Time Trips #1) by A.L. Kennedy


4 out of 5 stars | Goodreads

I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

Just like Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere, this is part of the ‘Time Trips’ series, a sequence of short Doctor Who novellas by different authors and covering different Doctors. This one in particular follows the Fourth Doctor – one I’ve not actually watched in action, but probably the most familiar of the ‘Classic’ Doctors. It has the brilliant Doctor Who trait of combining both funny and scary situations in a unique blend, whilst still being pretty horrifying in parts – and this one really is.

Unlike other Doctor Who books I’ve read so far, there is no companion alongside the Doctor when he lands, meaning we get to experience that initial excitement of someone meeting the Doctor for the first time. Bryony, the someone in question, is a wonderful character in that she surprises even the Doctor. She is ambitious but somehow just got stuck working at the golf club, and her adventures with the Doctor help her to realise that if she wants to achieve her dreams, she needs to go out and do something about them. For such a short story the characters were quite detailed, which really added to my enjoyment of the novella.

As well as being well written and developed, there were plenty of fun and humorous moments to keep the reader amused. The Doctor was his manic self, as Tom Baker’s Doctor was, and it was pretty funny imagining him in a shower cap (especially with all that hair!). Overall, a wonderful short adventure for fans of the show, particularly those who would love some more stories involving Four.


13 thoughts on “Review: Doctor Who – The Death Pit (Time Trips #1) by A.L. Kennedy”

  1. Confession. I know nothing about DR Who. Never watched, read about it, or was even aware of it until all the twitter talk this year about a new who. I don’t even know how everyone stateside knows about it, I checked my listings and don’t have access to it at all.

    1. There’s a couple of these shorts on Netgalley now if you’re interested =)

      I just realised, this week is going to be almost all Doctor Who related posts, haha!

  2. I’m planning on collecting a bunch of the Doctor Who books at some point and marathoning them. I’ll probably start with Nine and Ten, because let’s be honest, they’re the best. In my opinion, anyway XD My friend gave me the 50th Anniversary anthology for my birthday, so I was planning on watching Classic Who from the beginning and reading alongside that. But work gets in the way of everything and it’s annoying.

    1. Ten and Eleven are my faves! I never really thought Nine felt like the Doctor – although he has actually grown on me recently. That sounds like a great plan, I guess the main problem is just finding the time.

  3. I really enjoyed this one too! I think it captured Four so well and it had a great story. I’m looking forward to more Time Trips stories so I can get my little dosage of Who! So… are you planning to watch more Classic Who anytime soon?? 🙂

    1. I WAS going to, starting with the big/highest rated episodes, but they’ve taken almost all of them off of Netflix and I don’t know why =( Grrr!

      1. Oh that sucks!! In that case I might have to switch back to DVDs if they don’t fix that – once I’m done streaming all the things! 🙂 But I hope they add the episodes back soon – it’s such a shame to not have it available to new viewers!

      2. Well I think they’re still available on the US Netflix, which is what I don’t understand! =o They’re just gone on the UK one.

      3. Oh how strange! I did just check and yes there’s like one story per season up for Classic Who! I hope they will expand that though because I’ve seen most of them. Hopefully it’s just a licensing issue they’ll figure out soon!

      4. Aww! And they’ve removed several films I wanted to watch. I wonder if it’s because they’re currently on TV (like Bridesmaids is on TV tonight but has disappeared off of Lovefilm, which is similar to Netflix).

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