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Turning Off The TV #9: True Blood


Welcome to my regular Thursday feature, Turning off the TV! In this feature I recommend books similar to TV shows or films you may have enjoyed, both series and specific episodes.

The TV series this week is: True Blood.

true blood dvd

Telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.

I am unashamedly a big fan of this wonderfully cheesy series. I’ve read all the books (written by Charlaine Harris), and finally caught up with the TV show last year. Although the series is VERY different to the books – the only season that follows the book plotline is season one and partly two – they’re both gory, silly and very, very fun. So apart from the obvious: read the books by Charlaine Harris – here’s some other books you might enjoy if you’re a fan of True Blood.

Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

One of the masters of fantasy wrote a vampire novel in his early days, and it is seriously underrated. Set in nineteenth century Louisiana, it follows a riverboat captain called Abner Marsh who is approached by a strange businessman called Joshua York, and offered a very good deal. However, York is not quite as he seems, and Marsh may have gotten himself into something deadly… It has all the traditions of a vampire story, with a more unusual setting. Yes, it’s Louisiana and Mississippi, like much of True Blood (and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles), but it’s on a steamboat! Vampires! On a steamboat! Plus you can’t go wrong with GRRM’s writing (or maybe I’m a bit of a fangirl…).

Incarnation by Emma Cornwall

Incarnation by Emma Cornwall

I reviewed this one a while ago, and it really impressed me. A retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, from the point of view of one of Dracula’s transformed victims, Incarnation is a wonderfully written book. The tone really captures the writing style of the period in which it is set, and the author’s descriptions of the Yorkshire moors and dark London streets are very eerie. I was so happy that I requested it from Edelweiss, as it was really nothing like I was expecting. My review was also chosen to be featured on Edelweiss, which was exciting.

The Passage by Justin Cronin

The Passage by Justin Cronin

Less of a traditional vampire novel than the other two, but still a brilliant tale. It’s a huge book, with a wide cast of characters. In The Passage, vampires are created through a virus, similar to that of I Am Legend. The story follows a group of survivors, as well as a young girl who is central to the whole thing – but they’re not quite sure how. The sequel, The Twelve came out last year and I still need to get round to that one.

Are you a fan of True Blood? Do you have any recommendations to add?

12 thoughts on “Turning Off The TV #9: True Blood”

  1. I agree. Fevre Dream is highly underrated. Between the popularity of shows like true blood and and Martin’s coverage due to the Game of Thrones show I am semi-shocked there have been high profile re-release pushes of that work.

    1. I got a brand new edition of Fevre Dream the other day – looks like they’re re-releasing a lot of his work to match the Song of Ice and Fire covers. Also got Tuf Voyaging =)

  2. Since I love True Blood (though I haven’t caught up on the last season!) I will tuck this away for a future read. Maybe it will be better for me to get into George Martin through Fevre Dream before needing to invest lots of time to Game of Thrones. πŸ™‚ These all sounds like great choices!

    1. Yep – it’s not too long, maybe 350 pages or so. Definitely a good way to introduce yourself to his writing =)

      Until the end of last year I’d only watched series one. Then I watched series two online, kind of made a mad purchase and bought the big series 1-5 boxset on eBay (was really reduced!). And then I marathoned them all in perhaps two weeks? It was pretty intense, haha!

  3. I’m happily surprised to see Incarnation πŸ˜€ I really liked this book, but I have the idea there has been hardly any buzz around this book! Such a well-written, clever story. The passage was huge, but also very impressive.

    1. I get that impression too! Which is a shame, it’s so wonderfully written.

      I read The Passage on an excavation – it was 6 weeks, and I took two giant books (not much reading time), and that was one of them. It didn’t last long, it was soooo good. Have you read The Twelve?

      1. Not yet. The passage took me around 3 months, haha (kept reading other books in between) so I was a bit done with the story at that moment – despite the good storyline. You?

  4. True Blood and the Sookie books are such fun! I used to watch True Blood with my boyfriend, until we got to the part which focussed a lot on Sookies heritage. It got a bit weird and we kinda stopped watching. But I’d love to get into it again.

    Great recommendations, I’ve seen the title of Fevre Dream, but never realised what it was about. Will have to give it a try once I’m up to date with the Song of Ice and Fire books

    1. They changed that aspect so much in the series though! I wish they’d kept Claude and Claudette (or was it Claudine?) as they were =(

    1. If you didn’t really enjoy series one, you might not enjoy the later ones as they get a bit… silly. But it’s good fun, if you don’t take it too seriously πŸ˜‰

      Nevertheless, Fevre Dream is always recommended!

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