Thoughts #13: Bookish Habits


Today I want to discuss some bookish/blogging habits of mine, and I’d love to hear some of yours! Let me know in the comments.

  • You can tell when I’ve scheduled a post and written it way before the post date – it will always be scheduled for 12.30pm.
  • I hate borrowing books from people, especially if they’re the sort of person to keep every book looking pristine. I like to bend the spines!
  • However, I really don’t mind people borrowing books from me – as long as I know them well or see them regularly. I get a bit antsy when someone I don’t know well has one of my books. For example, one of my best friends has had my copy of Mockingjay for months, but as I see her regularly I’m okay with that.
  • I visit my local charity shop at least twice a week. They know me well. 50p books – yes please. I’ve been trying to cut down though…
  • What I want to read next often reflects what I’ve been watching or playing. For example, I’m currently playing Lego Marvel Superheroes, so right now I want to read ALL the Marvel comics. When I was playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, I had a sudden urge to read some epic fantasy.
  • I find it difficult to write a review for something I absolutely loved. If I can pick at the reasons I didn’t like a book, it’s much easier to make coherent sentences. Otherwise it just feels like fangirling.
  • Paperbacks over hardbacks any day. Paperbacks over ebooks too – but I need to get used to using my Kindle, as it’s all I’ll have next year.
  • If I spot a book I really enjoyed, second-hand, and don’t yet own it – I’ll buy it. I might want to read it again! Percentage of books I’ve done this with and then actually re-read: probably 25%.
  • Apart from last year, I have re-read The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien every year since I was ten.
  • I really like listening to music whilst reading, it generally doesn’t distract me. I even have a playlist just for reading, which is mostly film and game soundtracks. It sets the atmosphere!
  • I check my favourite blogs almost every day, but I’m quite bad at commenting regularly. Sometimes I really don’t know what to say or how to formulate my thoughts. Other times, I’m just not in the mood (generally after a long day at work). I prefer to put aside some time once or twice a week to just go through lots of blogs that I love and leave meaningful comments. So even if I’m not commenting, that doesn’t mean I’m not reading!
  • I really want to sort my books by colour, but that means separating out series and authors and I don’t like the thought of that!
  • And lately… video games have kind of taken away a lot of my reading time. Bad video games.

What bookish habits do you have? Do you have some book related quirks you’d like to share? For example, how do you organise your book shelves? Do you let people borrow your books?


24 thoughts on “Thoughts #13: Bookish Habits”

  1. Oh wow, I identify with so many points you’ve made here! Especially to preferring paperbacks to hardcovers! (I don’t think that’s the norm?) And it’s not just because of price, but mostly because paperbacks are more portable. And I too would love to sort my books by color – it would look so pretty – but I value the books being organized more!

    Also – just curious – why do you schedule your posts for 12:30pm?

    1. I don’t know, most people I talk to about books offline seem to prefer paperbacks – although there’s not as many of them to chat to about books! However, many book bloggers I know seem to prefer hardbacks for the pretties. But yes, they’re more expensive and less portable!

      I really don’t know… I started doing that, and it kind of just stuck. It would make sense to schedule a bit later, as a large part of the readerbase is from the US (like yourself, for example =D) so it’s not an ideal time for them. Perhaps something like 4pm GMT would be better. I don’t know really!

  2. You like to bend spines x___x I’m in pain. I have a huge charity shop addiction. I’ve been getting better, but that’s only because I ran out of space in my room and couldn’t fit any more books in there. So I’m trying to get through the giant pile before I go back to the charity shops. Separating authors and series is also painful for me, but bookshelves that are organised by colour are so pretty!

    1. I’m sorryyyyyy! But… I also bend covers back… for maximum reading ease! I love it when my books get a bit battered and look well read =)

      Haha, that’s part of the reason I’m trying to avoid charity shops too, but the other is that I simply can’t take any physical copies with me to university. So it’ll be another year before I can read them after I go. I’m tempted to pile up all the ones that will probably be ‘one off’ reads, and then blitz through them and take them to the charity shop if I don’t want to keep that. That’s mostly the thrillers and crime novels to be honest.

      Is it bad that I kind of want to take the time to organise my books by colour, take a pretty photo and then put the books back in their ‘right’ places…?

  3. Haha, don’t feel bad about the video games! Video games are awesome. Have you ever played the game Heavy Rain? I have it on my to-play list for this Spring break, and I have a feeling that it’s going to take away a lot of my reading time 😀

    I actually love giving books to my friends to borrow, but I do get really nervous after the giving is done and they start reading it. There is just SO MANY THINGS THAT CAN HAPPEN! Like, they could drop the book on the dirty ground. Or in their food. Or worse. You just never know! So yeah, it causes me to bombard them with questions about how my book is doing when I meet them the next morning or something.

    Book habits… I don’t really have any interesting ones to share. I do have this thing where, when I first get a book, I am ferociously protective of it and won’t let anything happen to ruin it… But when something does eventually happen to it (a crease or a little scuff mark), I basically just completely abandon to keep it clean.

    Another thing I like doing is if a book (or manga/graphic novel series) has a TVTropes page, I will immediately read it over once I finish the book. I have a weird adoration for that site. Oh, another thing worthy of note is that instead of imagining my characters as real people, I imagine them as illustrated people (what style they are drawn in depends on the story). I don’t know why, but my brain seems to dislike how real people look 😛

    1. I have heard of it, and I really want it! It’s the one with Ellen Page in, right? It looks amazing, both visually and gameplay wise. Let me know how it is!

      Oh, yeah, I love giving books to people if I think they’ll like them – but I don’t have loads of people to recommend books to IRL. I seem to lend out movies and TV shows more than books, but that’s also very satisfying when I think someone will love them, and then they do =) Haha, makes your book sound like a pet they’re looking after or something 😉

      Oooh! I might have to do that for some books… sounds fun! I don’t get that with book characters, but if I try to imagine video game characters as real people it’s literally impossible. They appear CGI in my mind, whatever… *alistairfantasiescoughcough*

  4. Alphabetical by author of course, only way to go. eBook, then paperback, then hardback most of the time. But sometimes hard back are nice because I can lay them open. You never get to touch my books, probably dogear pages too, don’t ya? Eh, maybe you can, no one I know in real life likes my kind of books.

    1. I did have that at one point, but then I felt like all my favourite books were hidden away out of the line of sight 😮

      And nope, I don’t dogear pages! I have a million billion bookmarks so I’m never short ;D

  5. I like paperbacks over hardcovers too, mainly for the ease. 🙂 It’s easier to tote around a light paperback instead of a hardcover. If anything happens to the paperback, I don’t feel as bad because they didn’t cost as much.

    Bad video games! Just like my sewing machine which has taken away my reading time. Oh noooooooo!

    1. Yes! Although having said that, I’m going out this morning and was going to start reading The Red Knight which is a pretty huge book. But I’ve decided to just take my Kindle and read a short on there, as I don’t want to lug The Red Knight everywhere…

      Hehe, at least sewing is more productive! 😉 Although video games feel productive to me when I complete things and get achievements…

  6. I can relate with a lot of those. I’ve always been a paperback girl. Lets face it, paperbacks are just nicer to my wallet and they feel better in my hands. Also, every now and then there are those really good quality ones that open up really well; love’m!

    My co-blogger and I live on prescheduled posts but we always have ours scheduled at 7:30 am. Its great to get up and have a post already up 🙂 As for my reading time…. the internet cuts away from it a lot and sadly school too 😦

    1. I think the worst thing about paperbacks is the ones where the sort of plastic covering starts to peel up from the edges. Grr! That’s happening with my ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books =(

      7.30am – do you find it affects your comments at all? I don’t really have a problem with comments now, as I’ve built up a lovely reader base, but I might try scheduling posts for later on and see what happens. I mean, you get some people who just read and comment as they see posts, and other people who go to specific blogs and look at the recent posts whatever time they were posted.

      The internet is evil, right?? Er…

  7. I was hoping for some more juicy habits being spilled, but I guess these will do 😉

    I love that you usually reread LotR every year. That’s another series that I really would love to reread someday. It probably won’t happen this year since I have collected so many books since I moved to the UK and have no idea if I’ll still be here next year (so what will happen to them?)! It is definitely something I want to do though!

    Hardbacks over paperbacks any day. I do think this is partially due to my being American because I’ve noticed that here in the UK paperbacks seem to be dominate. But hardbacks just feel so much more… valuable to me. And I love how big and bad they look on a bookcase. So much love!

    I’ve noticed I’m worse at commenting lately, and I actually blame this on having a phone. When I first started blogging I didn’t have a cell phone (gasp) and so the only time I would look at other blogs is on my laptop and it’d be easy to comment. Now I’ll pull up Feedly while traveling and look at some blog posts and save some for my recap, and yet I rarely ever comment because I find it awkward to do on my phone.

    Oh, and I forgive you for gaming. I haven’t done any at all recently, but that’s only because uni and everything else is sucking up my life. Sometimes I miss it though…

    1. Pahaha, what sort of juicy habits? Maybe I could do an ‘after dark’ version ;D

      I even bought the Kindle versions so I can read them next year if I feel like it, whilst I’m at uni… dedication. That, and they were reduced, and you can’t really have enough copies of your favourite books, can you?

      Ooh, do you think? We should compare bookcases =P Actually, I’ve noticed a lot of books over here being released straight into paperback. I assumed that was the industry changing in general, but maybe it depends on each country’s preference/buying habits. I think most people I know over here would rather read a paperback.

      Ugh, I know – I hate using my phone or iPod for anything like that. I don’t know how people can write blog posts or essays or anything on phones, it would drive me insane!

  8. Definitely paperbacks over hardbacks, I just love how malleable they are. Hardbacks feel like an effort to read with their heaviness.

    The only music I can handle playing while reading is Classical, anything else will distract me.

    1. Exactly! It’s not comfy to keep a hardback propped up for a longer period.

      I do prefer classical and stuff without lyrics too, but sometimes quiet blues works too, the slower stuff at least =)

  9. Paperbacks over hardbacks over ebooks, YES! (Although I mostly read off my Kindle these days)

    I also find it really difficult to review something I love. Yet I can write pages and pages about books I dislike. It’s odd. Maybe it’s because when I enjoy a book I’m just letting myself get carried along. Whereas things that irritate me stand out and remain with me till the end.

    1. Yes! I think half the time we really love something, we don’t even know why. So I have no idea how to explain why X book is really awesome when Y book isn’t =P

  10. I also prefer paperbacks to hardcover. I hate super heavy books lol. I think I schedule all my posts, even if it is only 12 minutes in the future. LOL

    1. Haha! I do schedule the majority. But sometimes if I come up with an idea and write the post up there and then, and nothing has been posted that day, I’ll post it. Or if I’m super excited for the post =D

  11. I hate borrowing my books to other people because I’m afraid they will crack the spine :p So I guess we wouldn’t be best partners to exchange books, haha. Reviews for books I’ve loved are SO hard. I always feel I can’t do it justice enough, especially when I just feel like slamming my hands on my keyboard. I prefer paperbacks too! (+ they are much cheaper)

    1. Haha nope, don’t trust me with your books! I just feel like I can’t read it properly if I can’t open the book the whole way.

      I think some books you just HAVE to fangirl over. Only way to get your feelings across…

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