Reads for April Fools’ Day

April Fool's Day

Yes, it’s the first day of April, which means it’s also April Fool’s Day! Have you played any evil tricks yet? Spotted any funny jokes or pranks? Today I thought I’d share some of the funniest and most humorous books that I’ve read, perfect for a day like today.

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Oh Miranda, how I love you so. If you’ve not heard of the wonderful Miranda Hart, she is a British comedian and actress, and absolutely 100% relatable – and hilarious. Her sitcom, Miranda, is a semi-autobiographical portrayal of a single woman in her mid-thirties (34 IS LATE TWENTIES!) who runs a joke & gift shop. Miranda manages to get herself into the most awkward of situations, is quite possibly the clumsiest person alive as well as just slightly socially inept… Many of the things that happen to Miranda in the sitcom actually happened in real life, either to Miranda Hart or people she knows. In this book, she discusses some of the more embarrassing horrors she’s lived through, so prepare to both laugh out loud and cringe – but it’s SUCH FUN!

Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson

Anything by Bill Bryson

I think I’ve mentioned Bill Bryson on the blog a couple of times before, but if you’re looking to start reading some travel writing then in my opinion, he is definitely the place to start. With a wonderful sense of humour and a brilliant way of turning even a mundane story into something amusing, each of his travel books have never failed to make me laugh. He has a way of observing and noticing things that might not be fascinating on first glance. He’s written about travelling through Europe, along the Appalachian Trial, Australia, Great Britain and the USA (on several occasions), as well as an autobiography.

Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma

Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma

One of my favourite manga series, Azumanga Daioh is the tale of a group of high school girls, and centered around the character of Chiyo. Chiyo is a child prodigy, already approaching the end of high school at the age of eleven. Her friends are a group of misfits: the sporty one, the clever one, the ditzy one, the tomboyish one, the mischievous one, but these stereotypes don’t get old. Unlike many manga, it’s presented in four-panel comic strips – some are continuations of ones before, but mostly you get a new story every page. It’s absolutely hilarious and also completely adorable.

Mort by Terry Pratchett

The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett

Pretty much any of the Discworld books are perfect if you want a humorous read. Terry Pratchett’s unique and brilliant sense of humour is unparalleled. My particular favourite of his is Mort, but with over forty books in the series alone there’s plenty of choice. And you don’t even need to read the series in order: some characters occupy multiple books, some only appear the once, plotlines and events vary greatly, and he’s even written some for children. But you can guarantee that each one will have you laughing.

What are some of the funniest books you’ve read? Do you have any recommendations?


19 thoughts on “Reads for April Fools’ Day”

  1. Well obviously Discworld. I also enjoy old Wodehouse books, Jeeves is too much.

    And while his plotting is iffy Christopher Moore is one of the funniest around, if a bit juviniel he had great timing.

  2. Miranda Hart! I honestly laughed out loud when I saw you said it was such fun. Also, it’s definitely going on my tbr. I don’t know why it isn’t on there yet (judging myself a little now).

    I think the funniest one I read was years ago, one of Ellen Degeneres’ books.

    1. Hehe – I can’t wait for another series! At least, I hope there’ll be one because we were left with quite a cliffhanger last time. =(

      I’d love to read Ellen’s book – she’s hilarious. =)

  3. Whoa new blog design! I like it!

    I’ve only read a few Discworld books (The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and the Tiffany Aching books), but they’re one of my favorites! I should definitely read more of them. Do you have any specific recommendations? I’ve heard Going Postal is good.

    1. Thanks =D I’ve had it for a few weeks now, still takes some getting used to!

      I loved the Amazing Maurice, I’m actually planning on re-reading it soon. Recommendations… well Mort for sure, but I guess you already knew that =P I haven’t read much Pratchett in a while, and when I signed up to GR I’d kind of forgotten which of his I’d read, so I’ve only shelved the ones I KNOW I’ve read, and I rated them all three stars because I couldn’t remember which ones I loved the best! I should re-read them ALL šŸ˜‰

  4. I love Mort! It’s my favorite so far of the Discworld novels too! I want to echo Nathan above- I love Wodehouse! I’d also say The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a very funny read.

    I haven’t played any pranks per say, but I did mention to a co-worker how one time someone put tape on the bottom of my computer mouse and I was fruitlessly re-booting my computer to figure out what was wrong. My co-worker decided to try it out on one of our co-workers today. No idea if he has discovered it yet. šŸ™‚

    1. Yay! Another Mort fan! I still haven’t read Hitchhiker’s… this was something that kept cropping up during Sci-Fi Month. I plan to, one day =P

      Haha, brilliant! A subtle and clever prank for sure – I’d NEVER think of checking that! I’d probably unplug and plug the mouse back in, but not check the bottom!

  5. Azumanga Daioh sounds very interesting! I like the idea of having a new story almost every page. I’m planning on starting the Discworld series at some point, and I’m too OCD not to read it in order!

    1. It’s adorable and hilarious. Osaka is my favourite character, she’s the ditzy one =D

      Haha, you don’t HAVE to read it in order but if you feel you do… šŸ˜‰ At least Mort is only number four, so you should get onto that one pretty quickly.

  6. Bill Bryson’s The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I read it aloud to my wife (and parts to my daughter) and we were moved to snorts and tears of laughter quite often.

    I remember finding Good Omens by Gaiman/Pratchett very funny when I first read it years ago.

    Anything by P.G. Wodehouse makes me laugh out loud.

    1. Yep, definitely one of my favourite autobiographies =) He has such a brilliant writing style and sense of humour.

      I’ve not read Good Omens, though I’m sure we have it somewhere in the house.

      Wodehouse seems to be a very popular choice!

      1. Wodehouse is a fun one. He has the whole comedy of manners thing down so well and his characters are so ridiculously quirky that you cannot help but laugh. And the adaptations of his work (Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie and the recent Blandings series) and well worth watching.

      2. I haven’t even watched that series, but I’ve actually seen it everywhere lately… it may be on Netflix, either that or I’m imagining things.

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