Thoughts #20: On Moving To The Netherlands, Part Two


You may have seen me on Twitter, talking about how I STILL have nowhere to live for Leiden. I will be moving out there in mid-August, and I have been completely and utterly messed around by the accommodation system. If I register one way, I’m told to register another; if I register that way I’m told to register the other way – the way I was before! And now their website isn’t even working, so I’m obsessively checking it several million times a day (including at work, who luckily are very understanding) to see if it’s working. There SHOULD be rooms available soon, but the longer the website is down, the closer the moving date is, and the worse I feel. This is the reason I haven’t really been active in the blogosphere for the past week – I’m going to try and get some more posts scheduled today, but if I’m a bit quiet for a little while, you know why. The whole process has left me feeling so angry and frustrated about the whole thing.


I’ve been trying to distract myself from being too obsessive about checking the website, or getting too angry at the completely and utterly useless responses I’ve had from the housing company. I sent them a long email explaining the whole situation and how angry and confused I was about what I’d been told, and all they said back was ‘we understand your confusion and frustration’. No ‘sorry this has happened’, no ‘how can we help?’. Nothing useful. So I thought I’d share some of the reasons that I can’t wait to move to Leiden, to get rid of some of this negativity!

Rinn’s super positive list of reasons why living in Leiden will be amazing:

  • I get to meet new people from all over the world, as well as some old friends. This is one of the most exciting things for me, and Leiden is such an international university that it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will be living and studying with people from all over the world. As well as this, I’m planning on meeting up with some of my online friends that I’ve known for seven years, so a meeting is waaaay overdue.
  • I can spend time with fellow archaeology nerds. How I’ve missed them. My fellow archaeology/museum lovers. I can’t wait to meet you! 😀
  • I will experience a completely new culture and city. Leiden looks BEAUTIFUL. I only visited very briefly last March for one of the open days, but I fell in love. Cobbled streets, canals, the architecture, the language AHHHHH
  • excited gif

  • I’m hoping that I’ll pick up the language much more easily when I’m there. I mean there’s no better way to learn, right? I’m not expecting to become fluent of course, I just want to know enough to get by.
  • I’m looking forward to living independently again. I love where I live, and my relationship with my parents now is so much better than it was when I lived at home before, during sixth form. I’m much more appreciative of them and what they’ve done for me, and I really will miss them. But I really enjoyed living independently during my Bachelors degree, so I’m looking forward to that again.
  • I er… am kind of excited about Dutch supermarkets. Yeah. I have this weird thing, when I go abroad and end up in a supermarket I find it ENDLESSLY fascinating. All these new foods! All these different brands! I don’t know why… I’m looking forward to trying a variety of Dutch food, like vla, poffertjes, bitterballen and hagelslag! Oh, and olieballen look DELICIOUS. Expect posts on my experience with Dutch food, because I will be trying it all. Mmmm, smakelijk…
  • hagelslag

  • I can’t wait to be a student again. I’m going to give it my all this time, really get out and do things, make sure I take part. I got a bit lazy in second and third years before. I want to make sure I go to all the student bars, attend some parties and days out! The orientation week (with the wonderful acronym of OWL) should help with that.
  • There are LOADS of opportunities for travel. Amsterdam is a twenty minute train ride away. I’ll be visiting Belgium and Germany for sure. As long as I can spare the money and the time, I’ll be making the most of my ideal position on the continent.
  • And of course… think of the blogging opportunities. I may have less time to read and review, but I can still keep the blog active with other posts on my experiences in Leiden!

So yep, even after all this crap I’m still so excited to be going! If you’ve had experiences studying abroad then I’d love to hear them! Or if you know anything about Leiden, places to visit or eat, then please share those too!

20 thoughts on “Thoughts #20: On Moving To The Netherlands, Part Two”

  1. I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end. They never make these things simple. I better reinstall Skype for when you move away!

    1. Yeah, hopefully once that website works it’ll all be sorted. Even if I’m a bit further away from the faculty than I thought I’d be, at least I’ll have somewhere.

      Yes, you should! 😀 And you are welcome to visit any time, of course.

  2. It is awful how disorganized they are with the housing! I hope it gets sorted soon! I’m glad that you thought over all the reasons you wanted to move to Leiden – it will be so exciting! And the different foods in the supermarkets are interesting to me too! Though for me it was mostly seeing what was in the markets in England! 🙂

    1. It makes me so mad, I wish I’d just paid the university a fee and let them find me housing 😦 But I’d heard that they were a bit useless too, and I thought I’d save myself 350 euro and look on this website myself. Plan backfired, ugh…

      I’m glad it’s not just me with the supermarkets then!

  3. The food! Haha. We do have some delicious things. You definitely need to try poffertjes with a lot of ‘poedersuiker’ Hagelslag is the best thing. And when you are trying bitterballen, don’t forget the kroketten 😀 You should also watch out for stroopkoeken/stroopwafels! Delicious.

  4. I love the experience of studying abroad! I loved living independently (sort of) when I was studying for my Masters. You’re right about foreign supermarkets, they’re just so fascinating! Even going to like those foreign speciality stores here makes me happy because of seeing all those new and interesting products. 😀

    I hope the housing company gets their shit together, because all that just sounds hella unprofessional.

    1. I noticed the “hella” in your comment – are you by chance from NorCal? People always give me dirty looks when I use it anywhere else haha

  5. That sounds so exciting! Housing can be so frustrating – I got thrown for a loop with where I was going to live next year but thankfully it worked out and I’ll be in university housing. I’m glad there are so many things that you’re excited about – those foods sound so great haha

    1. Glad to hear it’s sorted!

      I know, don’t they all sound wonderfully delicious? 😀 (as well as fattening but let’s ignore that)

  6. Love this post, and really looking forward to seeing what you get up to on your blog. Also… think of the new book covers you’ll be exposed to!! Hope you get your accommodation sorted soon! R x

    1. Thanks Rachel 😀

      Haha, I didn’t think of that! I’m sure I’ll be visiting book shops, but not buying from them 😦

  7. GOOD LUCK ON GETTING HOUSING. I pray that you don’t live out on the streets, or somewhere on campus (which is my plan for if I don’t get a house next year lol. I will take showers at the gym, keep my books and clothes in a gym locker, eat in the dining halls, and sleep at the library). But studying in the Netherlands???? Wow I’m so jealous! Can I visit you? Hahaha

    1. THANK YOU 😀 I want to say that sounds like a good plan, but it’s not really good if you have to resort to that! Living in the library sounds pretty cosy right.

      Haha, join my list of visitors 😛 I can’t wait!

  8. I hope you get it all sorted soon. It’s funny how they have limitless experience in dealing with students and their needs and yet Universities always seem to make things as complicated as they possibly can. It maybe gives administrators a laugh or something 😉

    1. I know! I have friends there now (who will sadly be leaving soon) and they say the organisation and administration is abysmal 😦

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