Thoughts #25: What I’d Like To See At YALC Next Year


Earlier this month, I shared my recap of London Film and Comic Con and the Young Adult Literature Convention, held in July at Earl’s Court, London. Although I enjoyed my time there, I wanted to discuss what could be done next year to improve the experience, particularly if YALC gets its own venue.

  • A better queuing system: this was probably mostly to do with the fact that YALC was pretty much shoved in the corner, but queues everywhere were pretty shambolic. When I was queueing to meet Malorie Blackman I got there pretty early so I was near the front, but by the time she started signing, it was sooooo long. It didn’t help that Stan Lee was signing in the main convention at the same time, and the two queues sort of cut into each other – people were getting pretty angry.
  • Wider variety of publishers: I was surprised at how few publisher stalls there were, actually. Obviously the space was very limited, but I’d definitely love to see as many publishers there next time – both independent and smaller houses, as well as the major ones. Plus some of the genre imprints would be great!
  • More books on sale: I guess this would come with more publishers, but I didn’t feel like there was a huge selection of books on sale.
  • Careful limitation of ticket sales: BECAUSE IT WAS SO CROWDED AND OVERHEATED AND UGHHH. If they keep an eye on ticket sales, then they can try and work on that.
  • Pretty much how I felt at the end of LFCC due to all the crowds.

    Pretty much how I felt at the end of LFCC due to all the crowds.

  • Opportunities for bloggers: the website did say something about opportunities for bloggers, but it was never really updated. It would be great if there were opportunities for bloggers to write ‘official’ blog posts, perhaps get some behind-the-scenes information or attend special events.
  • A reading area: there was one at YALC this year which was great – but if the event is going to have its own venue and weekend, then the reading area should be adapted to match! As well as bean bags they could provide armchairs and coffee tables, areas for reading and socialising with others.

What are your suggestions for YALC?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts #25: What I’d Like To See At YALC Next Year”

  1. I haven’t been to any book conventions, but they sound like a lot of fun! It’s too bad that there wasn’t much space for this one. I can imagine a lot of arguments and antsy people with all the queues.

    1. This was my first book convention, but YALC was only a small part of the whole thing.

      I feel that if it were purely books, it would be a lot more relaxed!

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