It’s My Blogoversary…

Yep, that’s right, Rinn Reads has now been going for two years! I’ve not got a giveaway to celebrate this time because I’m being super careful with my money now I’m at uni (especially since it’s orientation week and bound to be more expensive…), but I just wanted to talk about the past two years and thank some awesome people!

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Since I last celebrated my blogoversary I have…

  • Taken part in lots of events like Horror October, The Journey Home, Bell & Sword and Harry Potter Month.
  • Hosted my own blogger event, Sci-Fi Month, and it was really successful! It will be returning this year.
  • Met various authors: Sarah J. Maas, David Leviathan, Maureen Johnson, Malorie Blackman, Mary Beard, Laini Taylor and Lauren Owen.
  • Started lots of new features: Fantasy Friday, Museum of Literary Wonders, Prose & Pixels, Snapshots and Turning Off The TV.
  • Received some amazing review copies.
  • Been added to the blogger review copy list of several publishers, and been auto accepted by Harper Collins on Netgalley.
  • Gained more followers, much more traffic and generally felt a lot happier about the quality and content of my blog overall!
  • I also feel like I’ve connected with the book blogging community a lot more this past year. I’ve made closer blogger friends, and even got to meet some of them!

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My thanks go out to…

  • Asti, Leanne and Kelley @ Oh, the Books! – I always admired their blogs individually, but now they’ve teamed up to make one massive, amazing blog. They’ve been a source of inspiration, great friends and now my lovely Sci-Fi Month co-hosts!
  • Claire @ Bitches With Books – my fellow museum nerd, I finally got to meet Claire at YALC this July! It’s so fun to find someone who loves museums and books!
  • Paola @ A Novel Idea – my fellow Queen of Ferelden and Alistair lover! We bonded on Twitter over video games, and our love for the Dragon Age series. We then also found out we had loads of other things in common!
  • Amber @ Books of Amber – another book blogger that I got to meet at YALC, I often fangirl or talk nonsense with Amber on Twitter. I will never forget the new subtitle I once accidentally gave Spartacus when talking to her…
  • Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy – Charlene just has an absolutely gorgeous blog, with some great features, as well as an eclectic range of posts. From Jane Eyre to Star Trek, she’s got it covered.
  • Ana @ Read Me Away – another fellow blogger that I bonded with over a love of video games, Ana also interviewed me for her blog so we’ve exchange quite a few emails discussing anything and everything! I love how much we have in common.

I could list so many others – but thank you to anyone who follows, comments on or interacts with my blog in any way! It’s because of you that it’s been going strong for these two years! 🙂


42 thoughts on “It’s My Blogoversary…”

  1. I have been told that the third year is the hardest for new blogs; seems to often be a two year door that is hit. So here is hoping you blast right through that door and keep your wonderful blog going.


    1. Well the third year for me will be a lot harder for sure, due to uni! You should see the amount of emails and comments that have stacked up over the past two weeks, and I’m only just getting around to replying! Although this week was really really busy and I’m not expecting it to be like that every week of course.

  2. Congratulations Rinn! I’m so happy to have met you, both online and in real life (albeit very briefly) and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with on your blog 😀 And talking nonsense is the only way to go!

  3. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! Congrats on two years! Haha, it’s my two year blogoversary today as well so high five for that! Congrats on everything you’ve been able to achieve in two years and here’s to many more years! 🙂

  4. Happy blogoversary Rinn! It’s so funny that you and Annie both have the same blogversary day and have been blogging for the same amount of time! Thanks so much for the shout-out – I really appreciate your super nice comments! I know this year will be another awesome year with so many great things happening for you!

    I have a question on the blogger review copy list – do you just email the publisher and ask to be added to the list? Is it like a mailing list where they send out review copies they have available?

    1. Yes, it’s very strange 😮 And no problem, I really love your blog.

      I emailed a couple of them, but most of them just added me. I get a lot of books from Hodder & Stoughton and I can’t remember how it started! I think they must have gotten my address from Netgalley, and the same for HarperVoyager.




    Thank you for the shoutout, you are indeed very awesome. 🙂 VIDEO GAME LOVE WOO!

  6. Oh yay, happy blogoversary! I’m so excited that we’ve got to be friends over this past year, and that we’re working together for RRSciFiMonth (along with Kelley and Leanne, of course)! I LOVE all the new additions to your blog over the past year, I definitely think it makes your blog more you and more memorable! I hope you can find a comfortable balance between blogging and uni now that you’re doing your own study abroad adventure! Good luck 🙂

    1. Me too, it’s just worked out so wonderfully 🙂 And thank you, I am quite proud of them because I think it definitely helps to make my blog more unique.

      I’m sure I’ll find a balance, but it might take me a little while. Obviously the past two weeks have been a bit crazy, but lectures start tomorrow and I only actually have 6 hours a week this block…

    1. Thank you Kritika! I’m sorry I didn’t have time to join your Way of Kings read-along, but please keep me informed of similar future events and I’ll try and join something 🙂

  7. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY RINN!!!! Just letting you know that I love your blog (and love for video games), and I hope you keep blogging til the end of time! 😀

  8. Hi Rinn, Belated happy blogoversary! I’m pretty new to this but being able to read your blog among others makes me feel inspired to continue and hopefully reach the same milestone as you. Here’s to another wonderful year of Rinn Reads!

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