Snapshots #4: Leiden


I’m a bit of an amateur photographer – I studied photography at A Level, and it’s always been a hobby of mine. Snapshots is the feature where I share some of that photography! All of the photos link to my Flickr account, in case you’re interested in viewing more.

Today’s theme is: Leiden. In fact this theme will probably occur a lot now…

Stadhuis (town hall)

I loved the red shutters on this building.

Oude Rijn.

Morspoort, next to one of my favourite restaurants in Leiden so far.



This bit could be Oxford. If you just ignore the Dutch above the door of course…

These aren’t as high quality as normal as they were taken on my phone!

Do you enjoy photography too? What are your favourite moments to capture?

6 thoughts on “Snapshots #4: Leiden”

  1. So pretty *__* ! I like the last one best. I have a thing for old doors. They just look as if there’s another time and place behind them. I’m myself mostly into flower and landscape photography.

  2. Great pics!! I love following your adventures in Leiden! I visited family there once in 2010 and Leiden was one of my favorite places in the Netherlands. Glad you are enjoying it 🙂

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