Snapshots #5: Plants


I’m a bit of an amateur photographer – I studied photography at A Level, and it’s always been a hobby of mine. Snapshots is the feature where I share some of that photography! All of the photos link to my Flickr account, in case you’re interested in viewing more.

Today’s theme is: plants.

This looks sugar-coated!

I love how you can see the reflection of my garden in this one.

These are not regular sized daisies, as several people on Flickr thought. Not sure how I’d manage that…

I miss my old camera for its macro…

Do you enjoy photography too? What are your favourite moments to capture?

14 thoughts on “Snapshots #5: Plants”

  1. The ‘sugar-coated’ and daisy photographs are my favorites. Very pretty! I always like to take photographs from flowers, animals, buildings etc when I’m on vacation 🙂 For some reason I don’t take the time for it when I’m at home.

    1. Thanks Mel 😀 I normally do at home, planning on a photography walk around here sometime, but it’s yet to happen! Today is just too grey to do it 😦

  2. I love these pictures! I love nature and plants and these close up shots make it seem like there’s nothing else beside them. I especially love the frosty “sugar coated” one and the one with the reflection of your garden.

    1. Thank you Lola 🙂 I love macro shots of nature, but unfortunately even though my current camera is a lot better than my old point and shoot, I really need a macro lens to take decent macro shots on it – and lenses are sooooo expensive! I just looked up the one I want, and it’s £399 😦

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