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Sci-Fi Month 2014: Approaching At Warp Speed


Okay, well maybe time isn’t going by quite that quickly, but it really is getting close now! This post is really just to remind participants that November is fast approaching, as well as provide some schedule guidelines, and let even more people know about the event.

If you’re sat there wondering “What is this?”, then let me tell you! Sci-Fi Month is a month long event (as the name suggests…) where bloggers, authors, publishers, readers, pretty much just about anyone can get together to share their love for science fiction. We currently have over sixty people signed up to take part. Through reviews, discussions, author interviews, various exciting games, top tens and so many more types of posts, as well as a multitude of social media platforms, us science fiction lovers can get to know each other and share the love! If you want to know more about the event, such as how you can sign up to take part or any other questions, then let me direct you to the Information Hub.

Before we move onto the scheduling guidelines, I just wanted to talk about a recent conversation on Twitter. It was asked whether participants could work together for the event, for example running your own panels or perhaps interviewing another blogger – of course this is fine! It would be wonderful to see some blogger interaction, and maybe some beautiful friendships blooming from it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now for some scheduling guidelines, which the wonderful Kelley has put together – please make sure you read and follow these carefully, as it makes everything easier for all of us, both hosts and participants!

Post Schedule Guidelines

Just like last year, we’ve got a master spreadsheet to keep track of the posts that each participant will be posting for the event! This time, we’ve organized the spreadsheet into a few different tabs, categorized to help you find the kind of content you’re looking for, and to make the entire schedule feel a little less HUGE.

These categories should be pretty self explanatory, but if you’re not sure which one your post might fall under, hopefully these descriptions will answer that for you. (Still trying to think of what you want to post? Check out our list of things to look forward to and post ideas!)

  • Intro Posts: If you’re planning on writing an intro post, then put it here. This will be a great way to check out all of the other blogs that are participating, and see what they’re planning for the month!
  • Fun & Games: Last year we had quizzes, crossword puzzles, BINGO cards, and more. If your post includes a game or other activity, it should go in this category. Making some sort of chart? Those could go here, too!
    Discussions: This will likely be the bulk of the content. Discussions of your favorite sci-fi topics, books, shows, games, etc. go here.
  • Lists: Love making lists? Anything like topical book recs or top ten lists should be placed here!
  • Reviews: Any sci-fi reviews should go here, whether it’s a book, TV show, movie, video game, or whatever!
  • Interviews: If you’re participating in sci-fi author interviews, or have a guest post planned, please list yours here.
  • Misc: Have a post that you don’t feel fits in any of the above categories? Throw it in here!

So, how do you add your posts to the schedule?

If youโ€™ve already signed up as a participant, you should have gotten an email from your contact person, which includes a link to the schedule spreadsheet in Google Docs. You should be able to edit the document, which means you can add your posts to the appropriate tabs.

A few things to keep in mind when adding your posts:

  • Add your post(s) to the bottom of the list. You wonโ€™t need worry about putting them in a specific order. We will make sure the spreadsheet is sorted by date.
  • Please fill in all appropriate information. This will make it easier for everyone to understand what your post is about.
  • For the Post Title & Link: type in the name of the post, and when it goes live, come back and use the Insert Link button to add a link to your post.
  • If your post includes a giveaway, please type YES in the Giveaway column, or put a description of what is being given away.
  • Please donโ€™t modify anybody elseโ€™s rows in the table. This is just common courtesy!
  • If you need to remove one of your posts, you can delete the row completely.
  • If you have any questions that were not answered here, please feel free to ask your contact person for help!

How are you plans for the event going? Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to leave comments on this post, tweet @SciFiMonth or use our official hashtag, #RRSciFiMonth.


12 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2014: Approaching At Warp Speed”

    1. Great ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry I haven’t visited your blog in forever Nathan, I’ve been so busy! I have exams coming up and my thesis proposal, ugh.

  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    Science fiction was my first big love, but in recent years it’s been a bit overshadowed by renewed interest for fantasy, so this even is a huge opportunity to go back to my old… haunts. And above all, it’s going to be fun!

  2. I am so hyped up for this! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have discussion posts lined up and I’m trying to read more Sci-Fi books now so I can schedule all my reviews in November for sci-fi books. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yay ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m not sure if I will get to post as many reviews as I’d hoped, but we’ll see… what books do you have planned?

  3. I’m sooo excited for this after last November’s amazing events! And I like how the participants get to shape how the month turns out this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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