Sci-Fi Month

Sci-Fi Month 2014: Science Flixtion #1


This post is part of Sci-Fi Month 2014, an event hosted by myself and Oh, the Books!. You can keep up to date by following @SciFiMonth on Twitter, or the official hashtag #RRSciFiMonth.

Science Flixtion is my new mini feature for Sci-Fi Month, where I try out science fiction shows available on Netflix, and then share my thoughts. Everyone is more than welcome to join in with this, and please feel free to use the header above!

The 100

The 100

Okay so I didn’t actually watch The 100 on Netflix, it started airing on E4 in the UK in July. But I wanted to discuss this one because UGHHH IT FRUSTRATED ME SO MUCH. First of all, the logic behind so many of the decisions was just non-existent. There was basically no real explanation for anything, and pretty much every character annoyed me except one, who was quickly killed off. It was predictable and the kids were JUST SO STUPID. The adults weren’t much better. I mean, if these are delinquent teenagers who were locked up for various crimes, why on earth do they expect them to follow orders once they’re on Earth (assuming they don’t immediately die from radiation)? Throw in an obvious and boring love interest and nope nope nope.

Will I continue? [icon name=”fa-thumbs-o-down”] Nope. Dropped after three episodes.



I’d had my eye on this series for a while – who doesn’t love a good apocalyptic drama? Plus, in comparison to a lot of the other series I’m considering, Jericho doesn’t have a crazy amount of episodes at only 29 over two seasons. I was expecting a more dramatic disaster and was disappointed (in that morbid way of human nature) at how slowly the disaster seemed to affect the town. However, this does mean it seemed a lot more realistic than many apocalyptic shows/movies (here’s looking at you, Roland Emmerich…), and the relationships were well-built. People turn on each other in desperate times, even on family and friends, and the show recognised that. It was a creepy ending to the end of the first episode which left me wanting more!

Will I continue? [icon name=”fa-thumbs-o-up”] Yes, although it won’t be my highest priority.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black

I actually started watching Orphan Black on BBC iPlayer, but I only got as far as the third episode before I fell behind and then was unable to catch up. So I was delighted when it appeared on Netflix – and OH MY GOSH THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. It’s clever, witty, funny but also emotional. Tatian Maslany is amazing, playing so many different characters at once – and they really are different. Each clone has a distinct personality and style, and she switches between characters with ease. I’ve just finished season one and I can’t wait to watch another one. It’s one of those shows that leaves you hanging at the end of every episode, screaming at the screen because you NEED to know what’s about to happen, or you need an explanation. I HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone and everyone.

Will I continue? [icon name=”fa-thumbs-o-up”] OF COURSE. Well I technically already did…

Have you watched any of these shows or are you thinking about it? What are your thoughts on them?

22 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2014: Science Flixtion #1”

  1. I loved the first few episodes of Jericho but after about 5 episodes I got really bored of it. It moved soooo slowly… like most American dramas.

  2. I have just watched the first few episodes of Orphan Black, and it is soooo good. I can’t imagine playing that many characters in one show, and you are right about the cliffhangy endings.

    And I did hear that The 100 sucks, but I like the image for it above.(What is that called? Cover art? Advertising?) That would make a cool book cover.

    1. Promotional poster, maybe? They actually use that image for the cover of the second book πŸ™‚ Which I have from Netgalley, even though I haven’t read the first… :/

  3. I’ve recently started watching “The 100” and though I’m sometimes irritated by the kids’ silly antics and a few plot holes (*), I’m too curious to see how the story goes to let that irritation get the best of me…

    (*) these people have lived for three generations in an enclosed space, and when they land on Earth no one – NO! ONE! – suffers from agoraphobia? Not even a little, tiny bit? Seriously?
    ((insert disbelieving face)) πŸ™‚

  4. I enjoyed Jericho and really liked Orphan Black. I also liked the Canadian series Continuim (sp?). The plot is a bit annoying and there are some stupid sexy scenes, but otherwise I like that the main protagonist is a smart woman.

  5. ORPHAN BLACK IS ON NETFLIX?!?! I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this moment.

    You know, for some reason I think I got Jericho and Prison Break mixed up in my head, because I didn’t have a clue Jericho was an apocalyptic show. Hmm might be good to watch this during my next Supernatural break. (I love Supernatural, but it’s sometimes too much for my weeny standards. Also it’s just so…dramatic. Like seriously so much happens that my brain rebels and is like…you’re dumb. STAHP. No more watching!)

    1. It’s available in the UK and the Netherlands, I have no idea about elsewhere πŸ™‚ So depends on your region!

      I’m at the end of series 4 of Supernatural, and I’m kind of bored. Demons are boring. I miss the different monster every episode…

  6. I liked Jericho, but I guess it wasn’t very memorable. I watched it some years ago, and I can’t really remember much of anything besides a vague positive feeling about it. Orphan Black is amazing. Next season is going to be its last, but I think I heard they had planned the story for 5 seasons length in any case. I hope it has an amazing conclusion.

    I’d also second Continuum, as n.e. white mentioned. They had to rush the end a bit (they had a shortened season to wrap everything up), but it was still a really entertaining show.

    1. I never continued with it, and probably won’t now. So many other, way more interesting series have appeared since then! I don’t even know if it’s still on Netflix UK to be honest. I still need to watch the newest Orphan Black, I’m just waiting for the right time because I’ll pretty much marathon it πŸ™‚

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