Fantasy Friday

Fantasy Friday #25: My Perfect Fantasy World

Fantasy Friday

Fantasy Friday is my own feature, posted every other Friday. It’s pretty self-explanatory: I do a feature on something to do with the genre. Sometimes it will be a book recommendation, sometimes showcasing a book or series I’ve loved and other times it might be a discussion post. You’re more than welcome to join in with this feature, let me know if you make your own Fantasy Friday post!

Today I want to talk about: my perfect fantasy world.

If you could compose a world made of your favourite elements from fantasy fiction, what would it look like? That’s what I’ve asked myself for this post, and I’d love to hear your versions too!

In my perfect fantasy world…

Fantasy Friday

From the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Well, duh. In my perfect fantasy world, I would’ve gotten my Hogwarts letter at eleven like you’re supposed to – obviously mine has just gotten lost in this world. Preferably I’d also end up working there too after graduating…

Fantasy Friday

From the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Was I really going to live anywhere else? I would happily give up all technology to live a hobbit lifestyle. Plus if I went to Hogwarts I totally wouldn’t need technology anyway 😉

Fantasy Friday

From the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson.

So maybe I’m being a bit greedy in terms of magic powers, but who wouldn’t want to be a Mistborn?! One of my favourite things in the series is how they can get around super quickly by Pushing and Pulling off of metals. So cool!

Fantasy Friday

From the Seraphina series by Rachel Hartman.

How amazing would that be? I loved Seraphina, and it was such a unique take on dragons – dragons who can disguise themselves as humans? So clever. I want them all to be my friends please and thank you.

What would your perfect fantasy world look like? Which elements from fiction would you pick?


16 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday #25: My Perfect Fantasy World”

    1. Haha, I am short but not quite hobbit-short 😉 What about a hobbit style village to suit your height?

      I am Gryffindor all the way! Every quiz, including the Pottermore one, has told me Gryffindor.

  1. I’d work with the Librarian in the Unseen University… don’t think they allow women in there but they’d obviously make an exception for me 🙂

  2. YAAAAAS to all of these. I’d live in Hobbiton, attend Hogwarts and be in Ravenclaw house, have X-Men style powers and be besties with a dragon. So yah. Pretty much the same as you.

  3. I would definitely attend Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw, go on holiday in Tortall and become BFFs with Daine, Alanna, Aly, and Kel, and retire in Hobbiton.

  4. Hobbiton and Hogwarts is the perfect mix! When I was younger it always annoyed me that they were two different worlds when I wanted to live in both, pretend is so much better.

    1. Yeah, although I wouldn’t want to mix the magic in the two – I like the more subtle and less frequent magic of Middle-earth as it is 🙂

  5. The laid-back and food-loving lifestyle I might get in Hobbiton sounds like my perfect kind of fantasy world. I think I would want to have some sort of magical power, mostly things that I can use to make everyday life easier. I mean, I would love water-based powers so I can dry off quickly after a shower or perhaps water my garden. 😀

    1. Exactly! Spend the day farming or fishing or baking, then relax in the evening with a pint, some Old Toby and a good book, or go to the Green Dragon 😉

      That would be cool 😀

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