Thoughts #34: Dear YA Fiction Characters…


Recently, I was reading a Young Adult novel and finding myself constantly infuriated by the main character’s thoughts and decisions. From this, I thought it would be fun to do a post based on the advice I’d give many YA fiction characters, and will probably do the same for many other genres and types of books! It’ll be my way of poking fun at the tropes of various genres, as well as some things that really bug me about them.

Dear YA Fiction characters…
  1. Don’t give up on your dreams for a boyfriend/girlfriend. It is really not worth it.
  2. Don’t make your boyfriend/girlfriend your reason for being, either. It might feel like true love now, but that’s part of being a teenager.
  3. If you live in a futuristic society where people are ranked or grouped based on ability or personality, don’t trust any authority. Just don’t.
  4. Actually, don’t trust anyone.
  5. Or those super fancy high-tech gadgets everyone has to use…
  6. You’re plain? I doubt it.
  7. Daenerys will not put up with your whiny, self-indulgent shit, and neither will I.

    Daenerys will not put up with your whiny, self-indulgent shit, and neither will I.

  8. Do not trust any guy who says he is too dangerous for you, and for god’s sakes DO NOT DATE HIM.
  9. Also, stay away from vampires, werewolves, etc. They’re really not that sexy.
  10. Don’t slut shame. Not cool. People can do whatever they want with their own bodies, and you know what? It’s none of your business.
  11. You can be friends with the opposite gender without a romance.
  12. If you complain about people being judgmental of you, you have no right to judge them on first appearances.
  13. Just pick a guy/girl. Don’t leave one hanging. (aka RINN HATES LOVE TRIANGLES UGH)
  15. If your soulmate betrays you, don’t forgive them instantly. Make them prove themselves!

What advice would you give to YA characters?


28 thoughts on “Thoughts #34: Dear YA Fiction Characters…”

    1. Love triangles are eeeeevil. I guess they’re not so bad if they’re not the main focus and the protagonist isn’t constantly flitting between two people, but if the protagonist is super fickle then I’m not interested.

  1. Haha, these are amazing. My advice:

    Don’t trust anyone who uses your name too much.
    Don’t ignore your friends for some guy or girl.
    Ditto for your family.
    You can’t “fix” someone.


  2. People giving up their dreams is painful to watch, especially when their whole life is starting to revolve around their relationship. There is still more to live for.. And loving someone after a few minutes or trusting them even when their whole vibe screams RUN. *ugh*

    1. Yep and yep :/ The giving up your dreams thing is kind of personal because I nearly did that and I am SO glad I didn’t. It got me out of a relationship and off to Leiden! πŸ˜€

  3. This is such a good idea πŸ˜€ I don’t particularly like Love Triangles, insta love. But I have to agree also when you tell them not to trust anyone! That’s some good advice!

    1. I kind of feel that sort of situation would never happen in real life though, I mean people have enough issues with government and authority as it is πŸ˜›

  4. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THESE. yes. yes yes yes. Can you see how passionately I’m agreeing with you here? I think sometimes even actual YAs get irritated with this stuff, so I don’t know who out there thinks it’s a good idea to write instalove-y stories and girls who give up everything for boys (or vice-versa). This is such a great list and it should be, like, The 15 Commandments of YA. Officially.

    1. Haha! πŸ˜€ I can think of so many YA books that don’t include these or maybe only have one, and do it well. And others that include them ALL and really don’t…

  5. This list is so true, especially the love triangles, insta love and the romance with the opposite gender. It’s always so refreshing when the things on this list does not happen!

  6. THIS IS SO GOOD AND TRUE. I am certain I have thought every single one of these things at one point in time. YA characters can be very silly sometimes, even though I love them heartily.

    One that I might say is: don’t rebound. All too often, the MC dumps/gets dumped by their True Love, and then jumps onto another boyfriend/girlfriend, only to inevitably end up with the first girlfriend/boyfriend. And it KILLS ME.

    1. Haha yes, now I kind of just want a book where I can scream all of these words of advice at one of the characters ;D

      Oh the rebound! It’s not nice for anyone really.

  7. HAHA! So much yes in this post! A few of mine would probably be:

    “If someone says they love you romantically but they already have a significant other, they’re probably not someone you actually WANT to be with. … Right?”

    “What is up with all these lop-sided or crooked grins? Seriously?”

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