Snapshots #6: Dutch Life


I’m a bit of an amateur photographer – I studied photography at A Level, and it’s always been a hobby of mine. Snapshots is the feature where I share some of that photography! All of the photos link to my Flickr account, in case you’re interested in viewing more.

Today’s theme is: Dutch Life. Snapshots I’ve taken in other cities but Leiden!


Rotterdam – one of the few areas I found that looked typically ‘Dutch’.


Rotterdam – as you can see, a contrast to the scene above.

Amsterdam Loves You//

Amsterdam – someone has painted over the Cookie Monster now though…


Haarlem – I need to go back!


Delft – this was in either Oudekerk or Nieuwekerk, I can’t remember which!

Do you enjoy photography too? What are your favourite moments to capture?

14 thoughts on “Snapshots #6: Dutch Life”

  1. I love this! I’m a huge photography fan. I used to do black and white photography in the darkroom back in school, but now I’ve downgraded to my phone, haha.

    Black and white is still my favorite. I love interesting buildings, old doors, artistic graffiti, and candid portraits of people (even though it makes me feel like a creep).

    Also, the cookie monster is adorable. 🙂

    1. Thank you Maraia 🙂 I still use my phone occasionally, so handy to have that around if I’m not carrying my camera. The Haarlem picture was taken on my phone actually.

      I love b&w pics too 😀 And candid portraits are the best. I’ve never really tried portrait photography to be honest.

      1. It’s nice that phones have been improved so much that I never would have guessed that was a phone picture. 🙂

        Back when I used film/digital SLR cameras, my zoom lens let me take pictures of people without them even knowing. It’s a lot harder to be sneaky if I stick my phone in their faces, haha.

  2. NOOOOO someone painted over the cookie monster? What a horrible decision! And yes, I love photography and especially yours! Amsterdam is such a beautiful city!

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