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Announcement: A Few Changes…

With my thesis nearly finished and my Masters degree nearly over, my enthusiasm for blogging is returning. And with it, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the blog.

Here’s what is happening:

  • I have retired a few regular features, as they weren’t exactly ‘regular’ any more. Weekly Roundup and Turning Off The TV are now under Misc. features, although they might crop up now and again.
  • Once I start posting Fantasy Friday again, it will probably only be once a month. It’s quite a demanding theme and right now my inspiration is gone…
  • New post headers to fit in more with the theme! I was getting pretty sick of the old ones, and these feel more professional.
  • I’m planning on involving video games, films, music and television more heavily, not just in relation to books. Books will, of course, remain the main focus, but I’d like to discuss other things too. Series I’m currently watching, film and video game reviews, recommendations, etc. This is the most major change!
  • Some general tidying/cleaning up, so if things look a bit funny at times then that’s why!

I’ve already got quite a few posts planned out and some ideas, so let’s hope this enthusiasm remains!

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6 thoughts on “Announcement: A Few Changes…”

  1. I like these changes very, very much! It’s always good to reinvent yourself and your blog somehow – not just for your audience, but for yourself as well. The changes are a breath of fresh air, and whenever I change my layout or do some drastic modications, I always feel inspired. And yes to films and movies and video game reviews! I have some of that in my blog as well. They’re sporadic, yes, but it’s awesome knowing I can do them and not feel bad about it ^.^

    1. Thanks Faye 😀 Sometimes I feel the urge to discuss these things, and it’s been something I’ve been thinking of for a while to add a breath of fresh air, exactly as you said.

  2. YAY. Congrats on almost being finished! And YES VIDEO GAMES. (Speaking of, I’m pretty sure you played all of Mass Effect right? Well I just finished the last game this week, and I’m really bummed out by the ending)

    I’m really excited about your future posts! I’m also gonna post more about my outside hobbies 🙂 Because that is not something I’ve been doing haha.

    1. YASSS I HAVE PLAYED ALL THE MASS EFFECT. It’s my favourite series EVER. The ending of the trilogy is… ehh. You sort of wonder what all your choices were for, in that case (I went red by the way).

      Do it! 😀 I look forward to those.

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