Thesis Done and Dusted!

Watch out, lots of GIFs ahead! Yep, just a small note to say that as of today my thesis, and therefore all my work towards my Masters degree, is finally FINISHED! I’m hoping that the blog will pick up again soon, with more time to dedicate towards writing posts, replying to comments and finally commenting on other blogs. Here’s a small story of my journey, as told by the characters of Parks and Recreation

At the beginning of the year, when trying to decide on a thesis topic:

uncertain gif

When I first decided on my thesis topic and was actually excited to work on it:


When I realised things weren’t going as planned and there was SO MUCH WORK:

nervous breakdown gif

My attitude as things got crazier:


My general appearance whilst working on the thesis:

tumblr_nlmpbj45dy1u8ntcpo1_250 (1)

On finally handing the thesis in:

high five gif

My plans for tonight:

drunk gif

But also my feelings on my course ending…

no gif

12 thoughts on “Thesis Done and Dusted!”

    1. Thanks 😀 I think we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t feel at least some of these things during their thesis!

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