Thoughts #38: What Has Blogging Done For Me?


This is something I was thinking about the other day: what has blogging done for me? I wanted to discuss this today, and hear your thoughts too!

  • I have an increased awareness of new releases. I find myself recognising books in shops, on blogs and elsewhere. Before blogging I had no idea of new book releases unless it was something I was desperate to read.
  • I am also more aware of publishers and their imprints. I now know the types of books they publish, their usual authors, I can recognise the publisher straight away from a spine, and I’ve built up relationships with several major publishers, which is pretty exciting.
  • Blogging has opened up some new genres for me. Before I started blogging I didn’t really read many Young Adult books – now I’ve read quite a few, and I’m definitely interested in more, especially YA fantasy and science fiction. I’ve also developed a real interest for steampunk novels.
  • I’ve received review copies of books that I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself – and then enjoyed them. It’s a really wonderful way to expand my reading horizons.
  • My blog makes me proud – it’s something I’ve worked really hard on for almost three years. It’s also something to add to my CV, showing that I am familiar with social media, HTML, image editing and that I am truly passionate about something, and prepared to make time for it.
  • As a book blogger, I feel like I am part of a friendly, close community.
  • It’s really nice to know that people do like reading what I write… and sometimes kind of surprising.
  • And finally, one of the best things of all, I have met so many wonderful people and made some fantastic new friends through blogging. And I’ve even met some of them!

And now to my readers – what do you feel that blogging has done for you?

Thanks for making my blogging experience so far a great one!

Thanks for making my blogging experience so far a great one!

19 thoughts on “Thoughts #38: What Has Blogging Done For Me?”

  1. Definitely with you on recognising more releases and publishers and some of your other points. I don’t blog, but being part of Dragons and Jetpacks has some similarities!

  2. I definitely agree with your second-to-last point: I often get into blog slumps where I have no confidence in what I’m putting out, and remembering that there are people who do read my posts and care about my blog is always a good confidence boost. And while I’m still not really aware of when things are being released, I feel like blogging has helped me to enjoy reading a lot more because there are people that I can share my thoughts with, rather than keeping it to myself all the time. This was a great post, Rinn!

  3. I mainly read book blogs to discover books. But ever since the community started to grow what I love is that I know there is a whole lot more people out there who also enjoying reading as much in such busy times. I grew up feeling lonely when it came to my passions as I was the book nerdy kid who was always on her own with a book. And the culture is not interested in tales and imagination but in politics and money. With my blog I found a way to express what I love form what I read and comment on these kind of posts as a way of having a book conversation of some sort. πŸ™‚ Also, I started to feel more comfortable and proud of the fact that I love reading while before I was shying away from saying I love reading. Now all my colleagues know this and even as gifts they know I love getting book gift cards, which makes me feel understood. β™₯ I guess you can say blogging has made me more confident to be who I am.

    1. That is definitely a wonderful part of book blogging – I love having so many people to talk books with πŸ™‚ And not only that, but other interests too. That’s really wonderful that it’s made you feel more confident!

  4. Ooh this is such a good post, I agree with so many points, but especially the ones regarding publishers and imprints (I had no idea before!) and reading and enjoying certain genres than before.

    One thing that blogging has done for me is make reading more enjoyable. Is that a funny thing? But even though I have slumps or am occasionally disheartened blogging has changed the way I read and more importantly what I enjoy about reading πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Charlotte πŸ™‚ Yeah it’s funny how easily I can identify publishers now!

      No, definitely not a funny thing! You know that there is a big community of people to chat about books with now.

  5. Blogging has pushed me to learn more about coding and designing blogs, and it’s improved my confidence sharing information and experiences and skills I know and have with others. My blog is my output and it’s pushed me to push what I know and what I do further, and that’s brilliant. I agree though, I’ve gotten some pretty awesome review copies of books I would never have read and loved them, so there’s that! πŸ™‚

  6. Yes! For me it was mostly hearing about new releases, and also making tons of new friends! On the other side though, I feel like blogging has made me more analytical of books, seeing as I have to review them after. But I definitely think the pros outweigh the cons in blogging πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, that can be a downside to reviewing – although I don’t review every book I read so it doesn’t always apply to me. Do you review every book you read?

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