Sci-Fi Month

Announcement: Sci-Fi Month 2015


Yes, Sci-Fi Month is returning for its third year! This year, with my studies over, I hope to be a much better hostess – I really cannot thank Kelley and Asti @ Oh, the Books! enough for their help last year.

The announcement is coming a little later than I hoped, but what with moving back to the UK, then to a new city and starting a new job, and being internetless for an ENTIRE MONTH, it was kind of tricky to sit down and get blog stuff done. But here we are!

This year, Sci-Fi Month will be hosted by myself along with Lisa @ Over the Effing Rainbow.

Now onto the finer details…


What is Sci-Fi Month?

Sci-Fi Month is a month-long blog event, that I hosted for the first time in 2013, created to celebrate everything amazing about science fiction. From TV shows to movies, books to comics, and everything else in between, it was intended to help us share our love and passion for this genre and its many, many fandoms. It was such a success – and I honestly wasn’t expecting that many people to join in – that people were already asking in December whether it would be held again the next year! It happened again in 2014, co-hosted by Oh, the Books!, but I was a very poor co-host due to my studies seriously affecting my available time. This year however, I’m in a similar situation to the first year, so I feel more prepared!

Sci-Fi Month has a schedule that all participants can add to, meaning everyone can clearly see what is being posted each day. This also encourages participants to comment on and visit other blogs. More information on adding to the schedule below.


When is Sci-Fi Month?

Sci-Fi Month happens all November long, and takes place online – through each participant’s blog, Twitter feed, and other social media websites.


Who can participate?

Anyone! Bloggers, authors, readers, publishers – the first year saw over fifty bloggers, twenty-five authors and three publishers taking part regularly, as well as plenty more commenting, Tweeting, discussing and sharing the love for sci-fi, and this only increased in 2014. Even if you’re not a blogger, you’re taking part just by reading, commenting and Tweeting!


How can I sign up?

  1. Fill in the Google form
  2. Add your details to the Linky at the bottom of the page
  3. Follow the official Twitter account, @SciFiMonth, for regular updates
  4. Start preparing for Sci-Fi Month 2015!

As with last year, there is no deadline for signing up – if you only learn about the event halfway through November, you’re more than welcome to join!


What sorts of things should I post for the event?

Let your imagination run wild! If it involves science fiction, then post about it! Last year, we had all kinds of activity, including:

  • reviews
  • interviews
  • discussions
  • quizzes and puzzles
  • bingo cards
  • top ten/favorite lists
  • giveaways

And it doesn’t have to be books. We had so many posts on TV shows, films, video games and all different kinds of things last year. You can see more information on post types etc here.


How do I add my posts to the schedule?

Last year we used a Google Docs spreadsheet and asked everyone to add their own details, which worked really well. There are tabs for different post types, and details entered include post date, title, author, link to post etc – and these can be added at any time, even before the post has gone up, or several days after if you forget.

You can find the schedule spreadsheet here.


Is there a hashtag I can use to promote the event?

Yes! Please use the #RRSciFiMonth hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and everywhere else! We also have an official twitter account: @SciFiMonth.


Are there any official Sci-Fi Month graphics I can use on my blog?

Yes, they are available here. You are also more than welcome to create your own.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can email me at rinnreads(at), tweet me at @RinnReads or @SciFiMonth. You can also contact Lisa through Twitter at @EffingRainbow. Or alternatively, you can comment on this post.



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