Thoughts #42: Chasing Inspiration


So I’m finally back at the point where I was just over a year ago – working a full time job, rather than studying, and finding that I have plenty more time for blogging.

However, it’s not quite all going to plan.

The funny thing is, I have TONNES of ideas of what to blog about. Probably a good six month’s worth of blog posts. But my main issue is not the themes or ideas, but writing the posts themselves. I’m so exhausted by work that when I get home I just want to switch my brain off. And when I do have the energy to blog, I find that I’ve lost some of my eloquence and just don’t know how to write or phrase things! It’s frustrating.

I’m also trying to concentrate all my blog-related energies on Sci-Fi Month, making sure that tweets are scheduled and that I have plenty of content for November. So if October is a little quiet post-wise, it’s because I’m working hard on making sure November is chock-a-block with content! 🙂 Hopefully, working on SFM will get me used to keeping up a regular blogging pattern once again.

I guess what I really want to ask is if this has happened to any of you – you have some great ideas but you have no idea how to execute them. If so, what do you do to get through the ‘writer’s block’?

frustrated gif

16 thoughts on “Thoughts #42: Chasing Inspiration”

    1. Yes, it’s just I feel I’ve not done much over the past year and it’s bothering me! 😦 I’ll just have to seize those days when the inspiration is there.

  1. I feel you! I have like 10 ideas I want to write and post on the blog and I think they would make decent discussion posts but I just don’t have the time to actually write those posts because of college.

  2. This is my exact problem as well! It has come to the point where instead of scheduling all my posts on the weekends like I should be doing, I end up posting the night before, and that really kills the time that I could be reading or doing other productive things (like studying…ha). But with classes and work, all I want to do is sleep, and watch Netflix 😛

    I hope everything works out energy wise!!

    1. Yeah, or I spend ages deliberating over a post because I’m not feeling it – and DEFINITELY, that’s all I do now after work! Read, eat, watch TV and sleep.

  3. This is exactly how I feel at the moment! Have a lot of ideas and plans but can’t quite set them in motion at the moment. When I come back from work I too tired to think of doing anything other than relaxing and reading.

    I think that it’s fine to prep posts when you feel like it and hopefully you’ll eventually get back into it all. Otherwise if you force yourself to post some that you are not happy with I think it takes away the enjoyment of blogging.

  4. THIS IS WHAT I FEEL ALL THE TIME. when i have school, iwould usually complain and say “oh no, i don’t have time to blog awww” and proceed to sleep. when i don’t have school, i would say “i kinda don’t have inspiration to blog so ….” don’t worry, i feel ya. good luck!

  5. Take a break Rinn! Once you’re suitably refreshed it will be much easier to come back to. Really looking forward to Sci-Fi Month too, I’m sure it will be awesome!

  6. I have this for a couple of months now. I have SO many ideas, I write them all down and the outlines what I want to say, but the actual writing.. I’m not feeling it. I just keep those notes for when I’m in the mood again. I have the occasional day where I write a couple of them, so most of the times I just step back until I can find the energy and motivation.

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