Thoughts #43: My Favourite Manga/Anime


When I was younger, I was really into anime and manga. This started at about the age of 14 or 15, and carried on until I was about 20 or so. Whilst I no longer read manga or watch anime on a regular basis, there are a few series that have really stuck with me, ones that I know I can go back to whenever.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

My first ever manga series, and the source of my online name, I absolutely fell in love with Fruits Basket when I first read/watched it. It’s about a young girl called Tohru who, through various circumstances, ends up living with the Sohma family. However, the Sohmas have a slight problem – the family has been cursed for generations, with 12 members of the family at each time transforming into an animal of the zodiac when under great stress or when they are embraced by a member of the opposite sex. It sounds very silly – but it’s honestly one of the most heartbreaking and wonderful series ever. I love every character, and Tohru is an adorable protagonist.

Death Note

Death Note

Oh Death Note. I remember the day I first watched you – I popped on the DVD, and eight episodes later, I was still sat there. This series is about a young, highly intelligent student called Light who discovers that when he writes names in a certain notebook, those people die. He can also dictate way and time of death. What begins as a crusade to rid the world of criminals turns into a high profile police case, which Light himself becomes involved in as part of the investigation team. This series is so so wonderfully dark and amazing – and the manga artwork is just fantastic. In fact, since it’s on Netflix I may have to do a re-watch…

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh is one of those series I can put on when I’m feeling down and it will pick me up. The manga is presented in comic strips of four panels (although some stories cover slightly more), with humorous little stories in each. The anime explores some of these panels further, but is generally very loyal. It follows a young girl called Chiyo, who enters high school at the age of 11. A child genius, she soon finds herself an eclectic group of friends, each with their own zany personalities. One of the funniest mangas I’ve ever read.



K-ON! was an absolute delight to watch – admittedly I haven’t read the manga. It’s about a girl who decides to revive her school’s music club, and the girls who end up joining. Together they form a band, and each episode pretty much revolves around their practice sessions – or lack of them. This series has produced some wonderful songs too.

Absolute Boyfriend

Absolute Boyfriend

The plot of Absolute Boyfriend is rather… well, typically manga/anime. A young girl accidentally orders an android boyfriend online, and after discovering she missed the deadline for the ‘trial period’, she has to pay for him. Okay, it sounds really really weird – but it’s actually seriously cute.

What are some of your favourite manga/anime series?


12 thoughts on “Thoughts #43: My Favourite Manga/Anime”

  1. I also love Death Note, I only read the manga and I thought it was really well done, although I preferred the first season or plot line. My sister got the Azumanga Daioh manga and I lend it from her, it’s a fun one indeed. I watched k-On, but thought it was just okay. I did enjoy watching it, but never got around to the second season. Although I do enjoy slice of life anime’s like that I prefer Lucky Star to K-On as that one was more fun. I’ve heard of Fruit Basket, my sister is a big fan of the series. I’ve never heard of Absolute Boyfriend before, but it sounds interesting.

  2. Oh Death Note… I’m still in denial about some of those plot twists near the end. That series is utter perfection and I really want to rewatch it.

    I enjoyed Fruit Baskets but not as much as I wanted which was a shame. And I totally think Absolute Boyfriend was the first manga I read many years ago.

    Fave animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Seed (it was the first one I watched), Full Metal Panic and Ouran High School Host Club among many others

    It’s been so long since I’ve read/watched anything…one day I’ll get back into them

    1. Me too, will have to add it to my extensive list of series to rewatch…

      I’ve seen half of FMA and all of Ouran – that was a pretty funny series πŸ™‚

  3. I LOVE K-ON it is my favorite anime I think hahah. And although I did watch Fruits Basket, I didn’t really understand the ending, especially since there never was a next season. But I’ve heard the manga is really good!

    I also read all of Absolute Boyfriend, but I remember nothing. 😦

    1. They are all just completely adorable. And yes, it’s a shame about FB – I don’t know why it was never continued as an anime, cos the manga is something like 25 volumes long and the anime didn’t cover even half of that.

  4. I’ve watched/read all of these, except K-ON. But I haven’t finished them all, though. Because I went through an intense manga/anime stage in my mid-teens, and then I fell out of it again before I had finished a lot of the series I had gotten into.

    I did finish Fruits Basket (anime & manga) and Absolute Boyfriend, though. No one else I knew had read Absolute Boyfriend, even though it is so cute! It does sound weird, but the storyline is adorable ❀

    Ah, now I want to go and watch/read all of these again!

    1. That’s exactly what I did – I was looking at MyAnimeList and I had quite a few unfinished series, plus some that I know were on my list for ages and look so good, but I never got round to.

      It is adorable for sure πŸ˜€

  5. Oh my gooood, Fruits Basket!!!! That show/manga was the shit, yo. I love, love, LOVED it so much and I cried so much when I was watching it (so many touching moments). So hard to find a manga just as good and immersive and unique! (And I shipped Tohru with Koh from the very first page ;D)

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