March into Middle-earth Begins!

March Into Middle-earth

Back at the beginning of February, I posted about how I was planning on dedicating the month of March to celebrate J.R.R. Tolkien. The majority of the posts will probably be my re-read/buddy read of The Fellowship of the Ring, which you can take part in on this blog, or alongside my Goodreads book group, Dragons & Jetpacks. You can also show your interest by signing up below. This post is basically just to remind everyone of what’s going on, and to kick off this mini event. 🙂


8 thoughts on “March into Middle-earth Begins!”

  1. This looks like a great event! I think Fellowship is my favorite of the books as well, although I am fond of parts of Return of the King. It’s funny when I was a kid the early parts of this book bored me, but now they’re some of my favorites!

    1. I love them all equally for different reasons, but I particularly love the opening of Fellowship ❤ Setting up the Shire just makes my heart feel so warm and happy.

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