Thoughts #51: It’s Not All About The Numbers


Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit down about blogging. I’ve had plenty of ideas for posts, but when it comes to sitting down and writing them, I just get stuck. I haven’t seen a big increase in my blog stats for a little while, and that was making me think ‘Why bother?’.

Well, that’s probably the worst thing I could think.

I’m not blogging for others, I’m blogging because I enjoy it and like having blogging as part of my identity. My stats are good – they’re just not ‘top of the league’ type good. But does that matter? People still visit my blog, read my posts and leave comments. I have an active base of lovely followers who regularly comment, and the smaller following means I can actually comment back and interact more easily with my followers. I can’t really imagine running a blog where I couldn’t respond to everyone who took the time to leave their thoughts on my posts.

I have considered perhaps starting some vlogs on Youtube just to mix things up, and maybe gain some more followers that way. I’ve been inspired by some of my favourite YouTubers, and it is something I’d love to do. It
seemed like a GREAT idea – until I actually filmed myself, and nope. No. Not happening.

If you are struggling with something similar, the best solution here seems to be to consider what has been successful about your blogging. Make a list of the things you are proud of, and remember numbers do not mean success. It’s much better to have a smaller number of people who actively comment than thousands of followers who don’t actually read your blog. Focus on producing content that YOU love, rather than mass producing posts to please mass audiences.

Have you ever faced this problem whilst blogging? What did you do to change it?

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts #51: It’s Not All About The Numbers”

  1. I’m only an occasional Blogger and I never really worried about the numbers.
    Its just another way to get thoughts down and sometimes see what others think as well.
    Also great for taking part with a great crowd for scifi week.
    I go through spurts then quieten for a while.

  2. I used to worry about the numbers, but now not so much. Oh sure, there are days when I’m staring at my numbers wondering why I have zero views (and yet 10 likes) for the day even though I posted something, but in the end I try not to let it get to me, because as you said, I’m blogging because I enjoy it not for others.

    1. Isn’t it frustrating? Especially when you write something you’re really proud of. But it’s also really great just being able to write that post.

  3. My stats have been pretty static for the past three years. While I agree numbers aren’t everything, it is nice to feel as if you’re growing and people are actually reading/enjoying your content. 2016 has gotten off to a better start stats-wise than I was expecting, but I’m not sure that this is a trend that will continue!

    1. Mine jumped up with Sci-Fi Month quite a lot, and spike a bit every November since, but they trickle in pretty slowly at other times of the year. I hope that trend continues for you! 🙂

  4. I am not a blogger I enjoy reading different blogs. I follow several about books and as far as I am concerned yours is one of the best. I do not want hundreds of posts like a machine. I want what you give an honest, informative opinion. To me you are doing great. Keep up the great posts and never worry about the numbers for they will take care of themselves. Keep blogging as long as you are having fun.

  5. I’ve been dealing with this lately too. I noticed I’ve been getting less comments and I know I haven’t been cranking out many super awesome posts and I’ve been blogging more irregularly, but it still seemed a little crazy to only have maybe one comment on some of my posts when I know I have well over a 100 followers. Then I read a post on Paper Fury about why you’re not getting comments. I was kind of expecting it to be the usual thing and I would be like, “Ugh, I already do that!” but it actually wasn’t quite like that. In fact, one of the things she mentioned was going out there and constantly visiting new blogs and interacting with them, and I realized that I have been terrible at that lately. I felt “established” at some point and started visiting and commenting on the same blogs over and over, but now a few of these have even stopped blogging.

    So from this I decided I either needed to show up and work at socializing with other blogs more regularly and blogging more regular, quality content, or I can do what I’ve been doing and be OK with my stats. For the moment, I’ve chosen #2, but I’m often thinking about what I might do to refresh things, because I don’t want to get stuck in a rut. But I still have people who come to my blog regularly and comment from time to time, and really, it’s nice to have an audience at all when I’m just sharing my thoughts for fun.

    1. Yes, sometimes the numbers just don’t make sense! I guess part of the problem is that at the start of blogging, I know many of us did things like Feature & Follow, or other ways of swapping links. So we got followers, but not people who actively read the blog frequently from that.

      I think I need to do that too, because I’ve been neglecting commenting on other blogs a lot lately – I used to be SO good at it, I bet there’s so many wonderful new (and old!) blogs out there that I’m missing out on.

      Thanks for your input, Amy! 🙂

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