A Novel Experiment

A Novel Experiment #2: Monthly TBR Results


A Novel Experiment is a new feature of mine where I try some experimental reading over the space of a month or so, and then report back at the end of the month. What is experimental reading, you may ask? My goal is to try different ways of reading, such as reading only ebooks, only one genre, only non-fiction etc, for a month, and then see whether it affects how much and how eagerly I read. Obviously this is not going to be something I repeat every month, but rather every couple of months or so.

For May, I decided to try and stick to a monthly ‘to be read’ list, and shared my chosen books in my previous post.

So how did I do with a monthly TBR?

reading gif

  • Although I really liked the idea of a monthly TBR to work through review copies and pick out the books on my shelves that I most want to read, I also know that I am a huge mood reader so I was a little unsure of how it would work for me.
  • However, I soon discovered that this really worked for me. Whether it was because I chose the right books – books I really wanted to read, rather than books I felt I had to read, or because planning my reading actually works for me, I don’t know – I’ll guess I’ll see when I try this again!
  • I read every book on the list – although I’m still currently reading two of them.
  • I read one extra book – The Enemy (The Enemy #1) by Charlie Higson. One of my best friends lent it to me, and I couldn’t help myself!

Would I repeat this ‘Novel Experiment’?

Yes, yes I would! I’m not sure it would work for me if I chose books I felt I had to read, but I would definitely do it again for books I was really looking forward to.

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