Thoughts #55: The Life of a Bookworm (in GIFs!)


Who doesn’t love GIFs? They can be used to demonstrate a wide range of situations, and you can express so much through them. So what about the life of a bookworm, as shown through GIFs? Obviously this post is image heavy!

When you don’t want to be disturbed whilst reading


When someone says they don’t like reading


When you think about tackling your TBR pile


On entering a bookshop/library


On finishing an amazing book


On finishing a rubbish book


Packing for your holiday


When you REALLY want your friends to read a certain book


When you both love and hate an author for writing such amazing, heartbreaking stories


The smell of books, new and old


Have you got any others to add? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thoughts #55: The Life of a Bookworm (in GIFs!)”

  1. HAHHAH the Monster’s Inc gif is MY LIFE. Every time I think about my TBR and how I want to read 1993523 books in a month, I’m hit with the reality that it’s probably not possible. It makes me sad I’m always behind on my GR challenge hahah.

    1. I also wanted to do one to demonstrate how thinking about giving up on your TBR list would be devastating, and I wanted to use the same GIF for both, but couldn’t find one to fit. 😛

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