Review: After the Silence (Amsterdam Quartet #1) by Jake Woodhouse


1 out of 5 stars | Goodreads

I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

I may not read the genre that often, but I do enjoy a good crime novel. Sadly, After the Silence is not one of these.

I picked it up initially because it was set in Amsterdam, and I’m always eager to read more books set in the Netherlands. However, the setting here is completely inconsequential: it could literally be set anywhere else in the world and it would make zero difference. We get some Dutch names, a few well-known locations in Amsterdam but otherwise you could just transport it anywhere else, which was a real shame. Not as much of a shame, however, as the absolutely atrocious characters that After the Silence contains, every single one a horrible, horrible stereotype:

  • The main character is a cop who had a career changing tragic moment pre-book, which we get to see in badly timed flashbacks. Since then he left the force, went to Japan and ‘found himself’, and came back.
  • The main female cop is constantly objectified by her colleagues, her soon to be boss makes lewd suggestions about how she might rise through the ranks and SHE DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT. This is so infuriating. She’s clearly a tough lady, judging by what she’s been through and what she does for a living, so why does she put up with this crap?
  • There’s the cocaine addicted, homophobic, racist and misogynistic cop who I’m supposed to somehow feel sorry for?? Er, no. No thanks.
  • Literally every policeman (and I say man, because Tanya is the ONLY female cop in the Netherlands apparently) is racist and homophobic and misogynistic and it made me SO ANGRY.


I can’t even really comment too much on what happens. It wasn’t a particularly special crime novel, there were no stunning twists or big reveals, and I was mostly just distracted by how disgusting these characters were, these people who were meant to be protecting society. And if it’s not bad enough, of course Jaap and Tanya hook up, because how on earth could a male and female cop work together without that happening? I spent the entire duration of this book feeling very angry, and the only positive was that it was at least quick to read, and needless to say I won’t be searching out the next one in the series.


6 thoughts on “Review: After the Silence (Amsterdam Quartet #1) by Jake Woodhouse”

  1. Ohh I’m sorry this was very disappointing. I hope your next read will be so much better. I had the same experience. I did read the books that I didn’t enjoy and struggled to even finish. It was a terrible feeling. 😦
    Great review, Rinn. 🙂

  2. Ughhh. Sounds atrocious! I remember being angry about a book recently. I felt guilty about writing a bad review though 😀 it always feels so bad…

    1. I used to, but as I’ve been blogging for longer I feel less guilty. No point in publishing a review that doesn’t express how we feel about the book!

      1. Yeah, you’re right 😀 actually, when I was only writing them on Goodreads, I didn’t really feel guilty. But now when I actually blog…

        And I’ve recently looked at the books I’ve read recently. It’s over ten, most are 4-5 stars, only one a 2 star and one a 3 star. So now I’m puzzled if I only read good books lately, or.. 😀

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