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Prose & Pixels #16: A Journey Through Middle-earth


Prose & Pixels is a feature that combines two of my loves: books and video games. Here I’ll discuss all sorts of things to do with the two, whether it’s recommendations, influences or just a good old chat.

I have previously used this feature to talk about The Lord of the Rings Online, and used it to show how much dedication and love went into creating the game by comparing paragraphs from the book with screenshots taken by myself in-game.

I enjoyed this feature and how I was able to bring video games into the blog a bit more, and also write about Middle-earth. In February, I started playing again, and started all over on a new server. Instead of continuing what I was doing before – going through the books in order and comparing scenes with the game – I’d like to just share my progress, comment on the areas I visit as I play and any secrets I might find.

Now, what I want to know is this – is this something you would be interested in seeing on the blog?


7 thoughts on “Prose & Pixels #16: A Journey Through Middle-earth”

  1. Sure thing after all it is your blog and you should feel free to blog what you want on it. Besides nothing ventured nothing gained, who knows the combination my just turn your blog into an Internet sensation or you just have enormous amounts of fun while blogging. Either way a success.

  2. I played LOTRO for a few years but haven’t played in a while, since the Dol amroth update I think? How cool that you started new! I would definitely love to see you post on this, to get your thoughts on the game. I agree they do a great job bringing the setting to life. I might even get the urge to play again ha ha.

  3. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I’m not sure if it went through? Anyway yeah I would definitely like to see you post on LoTRO, I haven’t played it in a while but I love how they’ve brought the setting to life.

    1. It normally has to be approved for your first comment/if you use a different email/URL etc 😛

      And yeah restarting was actually a good move because so much has changed! And Mordor is out today – I’m actually patching the client, waiting to log in 🙂 I’ve taken loads of screenshots lately so I’ll definitely have plenty to share.

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