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I decided to create this blog (in August 2012) purely because I just love reading and discussing books, and there is honestly nothing more exciting than finding someone just as passionate about something as I am – and where better to look than the internet? Sometimes I feel that my writing is a little clunky, for want of a better word, and this seems like a great opportunity to work on it. At the time I started the blog I was out of education, so having a project like this was a great replacement. Since I started the blog I’ve returned to university, and took the chance to blog about studying abroad, although I’ve now finished this as well!

I have a couple of regularly scheduled features, but most of the time I post when I feel like it – whether it’s a review, regular feature, special feature or a discussion post. I now no longer take part in blog tours (with the exception of one company, or if I absolutely love the book/author) and no longer post content like cover reveals and excerpts, because they honestly don’t interest me all too much. My aim is to get people talking, introduce them to some amazing new reads and make some like-minded friends.

Regular(ish) features include the following:

The blog started out on Blogger, and moved to WordPress on 7th December 2013. Page views before the move were 47878, and total number of Google Friend Connect followers was 249.

Blog stats (as of 30th September 2016)

  • Twitter: 1260 followers
  • Bloglovin: 329 followers
  • Facebook: 148 likes
  • Goodreads: 443 friends, 168 followers
  • Instagram: 131 followers
  • Feeds: 573 readers
  • Average page views per month: 2500
  • Average unique visitors per month: 1000

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