Review Policy

THIS BLOG IS NO LONGER UPDATED. Please head to Paper & Pixels if you’re interested in requesting a review.

I no longer take part in blog tours, cover reveals etc, with the exception of one tour company, and would prefer to approach authors myself for posts such as interviews.

I am happy to accept ARCs from authors or publishers in exchange for a review, just send an email to rinnreads[at] or use my contact form. You can also contact me through Twitter. Please bear in mind that I will not accept every book, as I will always have a lot to read, so will only accept those that particularly appeal to me.

  • I am interested in reviewing the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction (pre 20th century settings) – both for Young Adult and older readers.
  • I am not interested in reviewing the following genres: Romance, Poetry, Erotica, Christian Fiction, Paranormal, Horror. I also do not review children’s or picture books – my youngest age range is Young Adult.


If your book is of a genre I do not review, it may be worth looking here to find someone more suitable. I no longer accept self-published works.

Please include the following in your review request:

  • The title of your book, genre, a synopsis and Goodreads or Amazon link
  • Why you think that I would enjoy your book
  • How you found my blog


I will write an honest review – just because the book was sent to me for free does not mean I will praise it. Understand that a negative review will not contain bashing, but will point out why I, personally, did not enjoy the book, but that others might.

I will post the review on here and Goodreads, and anywhere else the author/publisher would like. I am happy for the author/publisher to share my review with others, although I would appreciate if the review, or excerpts thereof, were linked back to my blog.

I cannot give you a time frame of when I will read and review the book. If a review has been requested, it will of course be a priority, but it depends on what else I am reading at that current moment, and how busy I am.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do any of this. Whilst I occasionally receive books for free, in exchange for a review, from Netgalley, Edelweiss, Goodreads or publishers, I make no profit from this website.


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