Thoughts #59: Why Bookworms Hoard Unread Books


Have you ever looked at the bookworm in your life and wondered why they hoard books like a dragon hoards gold? Have you ever suggested that their collection might be getting a *bit* out of hand, only for them to snap at you like a Rottweiler? Are you confused and upset by these events? Well let me explain to you just why bookworms feel the need to hoard unread books, books that may or may never be read…

  • To the bookworm, the idea of having NO books to read is far scarier than the idea of having more books than you could ever read. Like panic attack inducing. So please don’t suggest to the bookworm that they might have a problem, at risk of endangering their health.
  • There’s something really satisfying about having all that choice.
  • Bookworms secretly hope that if we stare at our amassed unread book collections for long enough, we’ll learn the entire contents through the power of osmosis.
  • In an apocalypse type situation, book hoarders will be all smug. We’ll have months and months of entertainment in our unread books, although sadly we probably won’t be able to blog about our thoughts and share status updates on Goodreads…
  • Bookworms must be prepared for every situation. Need to escape for a bit? Got a fantasy for that. Need some cheering up? How about a romance. Need something gripping? Here’s a thriller! Sorted!
  • Got a wobbly table or other piece of household furniture? Pop a book under it. Bookworm to the rescue!
  • You never know what sorts of life skills might be in those unread books. The Heimlich Manoeuvre, how to cook the perfect omelette, where dragons are most ticklish… things that could be useful one day, you know.

So remember, hoarding books is GOOD! It might save your life one day 😉


Thoughts #55: The Life of a Bookworm (in GIFs!)


Who doesn’t love GIFs? They can be used to demonstrate a wide range of situations, and you can express so much through them. So what about the life of a bookworm, as shown through GIFs? Obviously this post is image heavy!

When you don’t want to be disturbed whilst reading


When someone says they don’t like reading


When you think about tackling your TBR pile


On entering a bookshop/library


On finishing an amazing book


On finishing a rubbish book


Packing for your holiday


When you REALLY want your friends to read a certain book


When you both love and hate an author for writing such amazing, heartbreaking stories


The smell of books, new and old


Have you got any others to add? 🙂