Thoughts #8: The Perils Of Being A Book Blogger


I want to read them ALL AT ONCE.

I absolutely love book blogging. But sometimes I worry about the blog, or question certain things. This post will basically be a list of concerns of mine, minor and major, and hopefully they will resonate with some of you!
  • I’ll never get through my ‘to-read’ shelf, even if I gave up everything else in my life! – yup. I actually quite often panic about my ‘to-read’ shelf, because I know there are lots of amazing books on there and what if I never get to read them?! What if I miss out on something that might become my favourite read? And it just keeps growing, no matter how much I try to stop it, because I always see new reviews and recommendations from my friends. It’s currently sitting at 293, and never seems to drop below 288. Oh well, at least it hasn’t hit the 300 mark again…
    Does your ‘to-read’ shelf make your heart drop? How many books are waiting for you to read them?

  • Do I post too often? Or not enough? – This has been less of a worry of mine lately, because I have been back on track with posting at least three times a week, which I feel is a fair amount. I don’t mind blogs that post once a day or once a month, but I do wonder what others think. With Sci-Fi Month coming up in November, I’ll be posting once a day, and I hope this doesn’t drive any of my readers away.
    How often do you post? Do you feel it’s enough?

  • Is my content good enough? – I have some posts, discussions and reviews that I’m really happy with. Others not so much. One thing I’m aiming to do from now on is avoid promo posts, unless they’re for books/authors I’ve loved, and only join in book tours if I feel really invested in the book, or am also reviewing it. I don’t really like blogs that contain just promotional content, I’d much rather read the opinion of the blogger, or join/read a discussion post – so whilst I don’t post many of these post types nowadays, I’m cutting down even more. Apart from the tours I have schedule at the moment, I don’t think I’ll be participating in any more for a while. I also want to get more discussions in, and hopefully Sci-Fi Month will bring plenty!
    Do you often worry about the quality of your blog content?

  • Are page breaks annoying or useful? – A while ago, when I signed up for a book tour website, I received a ‘review’ of my site. Basically, the company reviewed each blog that signed up, to make sure they were using social media in the best way possible, making the blog experience easier for readers etc. I was advised to use page breaks to create less scrolling for readers. However, I’ve kind of questioned that lately (I think it looks a bit scruffy, plus Blogger has a really annoying habit of creating lots of empty space around the page break) and took to Twitter to ask my followers. So now I’ve decided that I’m not using page breaks, and the maximum number of posts I’ve have per page is five to make sure each page isn’t too long.
    But what do you think? Do you use page breaks, or do they annoy you?

  • Could I use social media more to my advantage? – Before I downloaded TweetDeck, the only Tweets I made were auto-posted from sites like Goodreads. TweetDeck is an amazing piece of software, and I always have it open now. I can immediately tell if someone has interacted with me in some way, plus it’s a much easier way to read my Twitter feed – and I’ve had some great conversations on there. I don’t use Facebook very much though, most of that is auto-posted – I think I’ve only manually posted a couple of updates.
    How often do you use social media, and which sites do you use?

  • I wish I could think up my own unique feature… – but it’s so difficult! I’ve done a couple of posts on reading soundtracks, but there are already features out there for that. So many bloggers have already come up with some amazing ideas and I just wish I could come up with something of my own!
    Do you have your own feature? If not, do you often join in with others?

  • My Netgalley ratio is horrific! – 8.9%. Yep. But in my defense, apparently I forgot to submit feedback for some books when I posted it up here, and also once a book is archived, the feedback doesn’t count even if you can submit it. For example, I recently reviewed Bowl of Heaven, which I downloaded last October (oops). It was still on Netgalley for feedback, so I submitted – and my ratio didn’t change. I will never hit 80%…
    What’s your Netgalley ratio like?

  • And my biggest worry at the moment… will I be able to keep the blog up when I go back to university? – I’m going off to do my Masters, hopefully next year, and I really worry about what will happen to the blog. I will keep it up for sure, but it’s a question of time management really. During my Bachelors I rarely read fiction, because every time I did I felt like I should have been reading something to do with archaeology or ancient history! Also, I’m going to be studying abroad so I’ll only have a Kindle – will being outside of the UK hinder my Netgalley choices (if they let me have any more books, haha…)? No printed copies makes me sad.
    Have there been any times where you’ve found it really difficult to keep working on your blog?

I’d love to hear your responses in the comment section below! Perhaps I’m not the only one who worries about these things!

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