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Weekly Roundup #32 + meeting Mary Beard!


My ‘Weekly Roundup’ is where I share the books I have received in the past week, whether bought, gifted, borrowed etc.


  • Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers – I think I first spotted this one through following Felicia Day on Goodreads. I’m not sure how romance-y it is, so I don’t know how much I’ll like it, but we’ll see! It is about an assassin after all…


  • She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick – I won this from Goodreads. I’ve seen it around a lot recently and heard some good things about it.

On Sunday, I got to meet Mary Beard!

I also just wanted to quickly share some photos from this Sunday, when I met Mary Beard at Cheltenham Literature Festival. If you’ve not heard of her before, she is a classicist and a Don at Cambridge University. She’s written some fantastic books and made some wonderful TV shows, and I really, really admire her.

Her talk was about her recent book, Confronting the Classics, and how the ancient world is often presented in the modern day. It was really fascinating, and I plan on getting hold of her book at some point – sadly the hardback is £25 and I can’t really afford it right now. I told her that I’d studied ancient history and archaeology, and my plans for the future: I want to be a museum curator. It was so wonderful to meet a big role model of mine!

I got her to sign my copies of Pompeii and It’s A Don’s Life, and she even added in an extra message after I told her of my plans! Now all of the books that I own written by her are signed – when I was working at the festival last year I picked up a signed copy of All in a Don’s Day. That was also the last day of the Cheltenham Literature Festival – now to look forward to next year’s line-up!

Past Features

Weekly Roundup #13 & Happy New Year!

An appropriate number for this week’s Weekly Roundup, which comes to you a day late – I apologise! My ‘Weekly Roundup’ is where I share the books I have received in the past week, whether bought, gifted, borrowed etc.

This week I want to show you my book-related Christmas gifts, and discuss New Year’s Resolutions.

I received It’s A Don’s Life from my parents, and Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town from my grandparents, both by Mary Beard. I’m a big fan of Mary’s, and managed to get a book signed by her when I was working at the Cheltenham Literature Festival – but sadly I didn’t get to meet her.

And I got these amazing bookmarks – one in my stocking, one from my grandparents; as well as a Waterstones giftcard from my sister! Talking of The Hobbit – I’ve seen it twice now, and absolutely love it – what do you all think of it? I’m a massive Tolkien fan, The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book ever and I re-read it every year – but I didn’t get round to it in 2012!

I did, however, achieve my book reading goal – I managed to read 105 books, when my aim was 52! I think this was partly down to being a student and then unemployed for three quarters of the year though, so this year’s goal is 75.

So that’s one of my resolutions – read 75 books. Another book-related one is to work on my challenges a little more (links are in the right-hand sidebar) – not complete them, but at least make some progress. As for non-book related resolutions, I want to carry on with my healthy eating – which I was doing just fine until the end of September, when I was going through a bad situation and kind of gave up on it. And with the healthy eating comes keeping up my exercise – I did manage that at least for all of last year! I also need to work on my Dutch, which I’m learning because I plan on doing my Masters degree in the Netherlands. The course is in English, but I would feel really ignorant going out there not knowing a word!

So… gelukkig nieuwjaar/Happy New Year to my lovely readers!