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Prose & Pixels #12: Currently Playing (January 2016)


Prose & Pixels is a feature that combines two of my loves: books and video games. Here I’ll discuss all sorts of things to do with the two, whether it’s recommendations, influences or just a good old chat.

Today I wanted to share the games I am currently playing!

Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5

Grand Theft Auto V was a game I was quite hesitant about for a while. I never really got on with the previous game in the series, but I’d seen so many Let’s Plays of GTA V that made it look so, so fun. I’m glad I took a risk and bought it when it went on sale (still not that cheap though), because it’s exactly the kind of game I was looking for. Open world, in a modern setting, and it lets me drive around an absolutely HUGE map to my heart’s content. There’s one bit of the story that I really haven’t liked, but the rest has been pretty fun so far.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex

I bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution a couple of years ago in a Steam sale, and it’s sat unplayed until now. I started playing it during Sci-Fi Month, as part of my challenge to consume as much science fiction as possible during the month of November. It’s a solid game, and I enjoy trying to sneak around, although I’m not very good at it… I have mostly gotten around places by using the air vents, but I love being able to explore and work out different routes. It’s a dark game, but it raises some really interesting questions about cybernetics and bio-augmentation – and how far humankind will go to preserve themselves.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange

I may have finished this by the time this post goes live, because I can’t stop playing. Life is Strange is an episodic game, told in five parts, about a young photography student who moves back to her old hometown to study. She reconnects with her best friend, who she hasn’t seen for five years – and discovers she can go back in time. It’s gorgeous, haunting and has a wonderful soundtrack. So atmospheric.

Do you enjoy playing video games? What are you currently playing?