Notes from the Netherlands

Notes from the Netherlands #7

Note from the Netherlands

Notes from the Netherlands is my feature where I discuss my time studying at Leiden University. I want to blog about this amazing experience as much as I can!

Last time I spoke about my afternoon in Amsterdam with some fellow book bloggers, and this time I want to share what happened in the evening! I’d arranged to go to a paint party with some friends, so after Mel, Judith and Amber left, I waited in the station for my friends to arrive.

What is a paint party, you may ask? Well it’s pretty self explanatory… it’s like a normal party, but you get sprayed with paint. Which sounds insane, and it is, but it was also AMAZING. We were told to wear white t-shirts for the best effect and so we’d have a ‘souvenir’ to keep afterwards!


We got there kind of early, and it was pretty quiet. The doors opened at 10pm, but the paint wouldn’t be released until 2am. Luckily, there was plenty of awesome music to dance to, as well as some interesting entertainment to keep us amused, like stilt walkers and some dancers with crazy lasers!

Here’s how we looked pre-paint drop, me and Amazing Jack (he had absolutely no influence over that description whatsoever, none at all):

So clean!

So clean!

The paint drop was due to start at 2am, but they did actually release some paint a little earlier – with paint guns! You could also buy bottles of paint just before 2am, and everyone was just going round throwing paint on their friends and people nearby. It was a weird and funny experience, to be united with strangers this way!

The beginning...

The beginning…

And then 2am came – the paint drop! It was AMAZING! There was a countdown, the music started really blaring and then suddenly all this paint just fell from the ceiling. People came onto the stage and sprayed the crowds with different coloured neon paints, everyone was throwing paint around at each other, spraying it or purposely dropping it on people’s heads, all the while dancing to the music.

And the finale...

And the finale…

As you can see from the photo above, it was messy. And so, SO much fun. We stayed at the party until around 6am (it finished at 7am), at which point I was feeling exhausted, hungry and kind of cranky due to a combination of the first two… After some issues with first the bus, waiting in the freezing cold in just t-shirts and jeans as we’d left our stuff in lockers at Centraal Station, and then the trains which just did NOT want to run, we finally go back to Leiden at 8.30am. It was really strange cycling back to my flat to go to bed whilst everyone else was just getting up. The streets were so quiet, and thank goodness for that because I got some very odd looks on the way home!

This was my first paint party, and I had a really fantastic time – good friends, dancing, music and PAINT EVERYWHERE! It definitely made for a memorable evening. I would absolutely be up for going to another one.

Here’s the after movie if you’re interested in watching it – sadly I didn’t spot us anywhere!

Have you ever been to a paint party? Did you enjoy it? Does this look like something you’d like to do?